Official iPhone 14 Preorder Thread

  • 12 September 2022
  • 29 replies

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29 replies

What does it mean when your order status is “running”? I ordered an IPhone Pro Max and its shipping window started yesterday and the status changed from “Processing” to “Running”? I can’t find anything online regarding this.

Running is another way to say shipped. You should be getting that phone very soon! :)

this can’t be right. my order status has been “running” for almost 3 weeks now. my estimated delivery has been 10.31–11.21 throughout those weeks, as it was before my status updated to “running”.

I am a little concerned, as I pre-ordered the iPhone 14 Pro under the trade in promotion T Mobile was advertising. The Promotion showed I would be getting $500 to trade in my iPhone 11 Pro, but when I review the order online, it now says $220. If it’s really $220, then I will cancel my order. I called T Mobile and they told me it was the $500, but then why would it show just the $500? I think it’s a little deceptive and I’m very disappointed with T-Mobile in this experience.

They told me $1000. But email just said $370. Then they said they never said $1000, but $500. And it’s $500-370 so only $130. I would’ve kept my old phone had I know . The iPhone 14 is trash compared to my old 12 pro max. I am furious at T-Mobile for the lies and deceptions.

I love my iPhone 14 pro max plus 😊

In October 2022 I responded to tMobiles current offer to pre-purchase two new iPhone 14 Plus. At the store they made it very clear that I would receive the same benefits as the Magenta Plus because I am with the Grandfathered Military One plan. They told me I would get an automatic $400.00 off each phone based on the promotion and another $200.00 per phone based on my trade-ins. I was thrilled. As I was finalizing the orders I asked for something in writing showing this and they stated (even the manager came out from the back and verified) that I would receive then$400.00 off each phone promotion as well as the $200.00 the trade ins would probably bring.  I was told it my take 3 or 4 months to see the credit of the $400.00 per phone. I went in to the store again on March 9, 2023 to see why I hadn’t seen the credit yet. They looked up online and said I got all I was going to receive when I got $25.00 on the day of transaction for each phone and now $175.00 on each phone spread out over 24 months. It was very clearly stated when I bought the phones that I was to get $575.00 more on each phone spread out over 24 months; not just $175.00.  I am fuming over the misrepresentation/bait and switch or whatever tMobile is calling their rip-off scheme.