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  • 27 November 2020
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I’m not able to locate the return label on T-Mobile website in order to send in my trade in device before the 30 days expire. Can anyone give me directions to finding the prepaid label? Thanks


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You’ll want to contact our Care team and have them look up your account and walk you through the return proces.

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24 replies

I have the same issue - the link in the email I received just goes to a blank order Status page...

Same issue  here can't find the label on my order status  and waiting  for few days to get labels  in email . I ordered  my new iphones via online with trade-in  iPhone 8. New iPhone  12 arrived and activated but no sign for trade info. I think tmo online system  for ordering  new phone with trade-in  option not working  as supposed  to work or a least in my case. 

Did you also order via Online or via phone. 


Same issue here. No labels with new phone. Been unsuccessful obtaining them. I took the phone to the store but they said I have to mail it back :(

When you placed the order.?

  I think one week  should  be enough  for them to generate the trade-in shipping  labels. Either they are too slacky or playing games to lure in new customers and new lines with trade-in offers which they knew will get declined because  units were never shipped or if they  do get shipped they don't give the real trade-in  value like others complaining about low ball value they get for there trade-in. 


It’s been almost a month

Officially they give 30 Days from the time they shipped you the new phone to send back trade-in  phones. Either  they not agreeing that you are entitled for a trade-in offer or they just don't want to do it for reasons I mentioned  above. 

Ive had this exact problem and is why im here.  I cant get any support on the phone or app.  Been calling for a week and just sit on hold for eternity. I have a deadline to get these trade in phones back to them but cant get any information from T Mobile on how to return them?

UPDATE:  New Customer:

Just get off on phone with another Rep. What i was told that the order I placed online 1 week ago never get the iPhone trade-in promo attached even I submit all the info about trade-in phones like IMEI...  So Even they ship me the labels there is no guarantee that the promo will be applied to my order. Only recourse i have is to cancel that  order and placed a new order. So they cancel my order and asked me to ship back my 3 iPhone 12 free of charge . Then they placed a new order and told me that original promo still available (  New line,$830 for iPhone 8 Trade-in). They put in the order over phone and I get all the paper work over email. I sign and new order status now mention about Trade-IN but only thing weird is its saying one time credit of $90 not $830 . So not sure what the HELL i will get back as Credit. But all the shipping labels are there under Order Status for Trade-In return. Rep did mention to me the promo has one time credit and not credit spread over 30 months.Which kind of strange too.

I have a strange feeling that I will get one time credit of $90 per phone and that's it, instead of $830 over 30 months. I will check again with them about this $90 Credit.

Trade-In Assessment
Original estimated value:$90.00

So i placed my order for 2 new iPhone 12 Pros over the phone, and gave the sales rep the details of the trade in phone while on the call. That generated emails to print shipping labels but the links in those emails never worked - just redirected me to a login screen but my account wasn’t set up yet.


After waiting a couple of days after receiving my new phones and checking to see if the links worked, I called support again last week and after being on hold for 45 mins, the support rep emailed me out 2 new labels. I didn’t have to give them details about the old phones - they were able to pull them from the details i supplied when placing my original order - but just like you stated, it gave me generic values of the phones instead of the trade-in promo. I asked about this on chat the following day and that rep assured me the promo offer was correct and would be applied as monthly credits.


FYI you can see what promos you had associated with your lines by in your account:

  1. Click on Account
  2. Click on the Line you applied the promotion on
  3. Click my Promotions
  4. In the dropdown, click the Line to bring up the promotions. Note - I transferred my Lines from AT&T so I can only see the promotion on the temporary lines T-Mobile provided me when I switched.

I shipped my old phones over the weekend, so I guess I’ll find out soon what the situation is.

When I click my Promotions I dont see any Promotions applied to any of my lines.

Only thing I see is under Trade-in is below.

Trade-In Assessment
Original estimated value:$90.00

Here’s the link I use after logging in:


Here’s what I see under the promotions for one of my lines that has the iPhone 8 Trade-In:


2020 Apple Trade P27


Credit details

Total monthly credit: $27.67

Duration: 30

Number of credits applied: 1

Total credit amount: $830

My promotions

View details of your recurring EIP device pending and active promotions.


No promotions available at this time.


May be it takes few days to get populated.

when you change the line in the dropdown on that page, do you see anything different?

I have 4 lines listed - the 2 numbers i ported over from AT&T and the 2 temporary lines i got when signing up with T-Mobile. The promotions only appear when i select the temporary lines.

So I switched 4 lines from ATT also.Initially i have temp numbers but since I ported my numbers now i only see my ported numbers. I dont see any new temp numbers associated with the new phones they going to shipped me this week. Rep told me since i already ported she will use my ported numbers for new phones being shipped this week.

My iphone12 which comes last week are ready to be shipped back since they cancelled that order and want me to return the units so i dont get billed for in future.


did you get Iphone 12 Max pro ?

I think P27 is for MaxPro. and P26 is for iphone 12.


No i got the 12 Pro

They only sell 12 Max Pro. Max has only one model. IPhone  12 has two models regular and pro. 

So update I just observe that my one line is showing the promo offer belief P26 rest still not. Tforce told me when they about to ship the promo will show under Promotion under account. 

Did this get resolved?? I have the same problem. I was told to take to store for trade in… they said they don’t accept in store for online order… I keep getting the run around… would really like the p27 promo I signed up With

P27 Promo did showed up in my account the day they ship the phone. So I  am good with all 3 promos now showing in my account. Two P26 and one P27. 

I already ship the trade-in to TMO still waiting for them to reply on trade in status .


Hi there, I have open new account with trade in 2 iPhone xs and 1 iPhone 8 with the promo P27 on Dec13.
Get $830 off for iPhone 12 pro. I made the order online. The sale rep said my 3 iPhone are qualify for $830 off. But what I see in  It not what I agree for.

Line one with iPhone xs 256GB 

Credit details

Total monthly credit: $24.67

Duration: 30

Number of credits applied: 0

Total credit amount: $740


Line two with iPhone xs 64GB 
Total monthly credit: $20.14

Duration: 30

Number of credits applied: 0

Total credit amount: $604

Line three with iPhone 8 64GB 
Credit details

Total monthly credit: $18.44

Duration: 30

Number of credits applied: 0

Total credit amount: $553


When the sale rep email me to document he said I will see the trade in value less than $830 but no worries it will be $830 and apply to my bill after I trade in.

Is it work that way?


Hi, I am trying to upgrade my iphone 7plus and i see trade in value dropped to $72 from $300. Apple offers $140 to 7 Plus. 

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Sounds like you’re talking about the Get an iPhone on Us promo. There’s a couple things that need to be met in order to get the deal. You’ll need to be activating a new line of service, have the device paid off, and the device needs to be in good condition.

I activated service with two iPhone 12’s five days ago. I still have no idea where to get the shipping labels for the two iPhone 8’s that I will be trading in. 
I got an email that talks about the instructions on how to return your old device and get a shipping label but I never find a shipping label when I follow that link!
Someone please help!!!!!


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You’ll want to contact our Care team and have them look up your account and walk you through the return proces.