Trade in value of my iPhone misrepresented

  • 18 November 2023
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I was promised a $1000 trade in for my iPhone 12 for an iPhone Pro Max 15 if I upgraded to the G55 Plus plan. Now as it turned out I’ll have to pay 660 over the next 24 months.. The problem is that you can hardly understand some of the foreign customer service repps. However I was assured several times that I would only pay roughly $7 more per month which come out to $107 per month with the upgrade to the newer plan. Very, very upset over being misled. The free upgrade is misleading. The play the trade in/credit game and make it confusing.


Way to go T-Mobile with the trade in scam!!!!

1 reply

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If you read the terms and conditions of the trade-in promo.  It clearly states that you can receive up to whatever amount is the highest value for that mode.  Most devices never reach that amount though for a few reasons.