Opt out of numbers on bill?


I hate the ecological impact of TMobile listing all the phone numbers on the FIVE lines I have. It’s an insanely large bill and I hate the thought of the trees being felled for it, etc. Plus, I don’t need it! Is there a way to opt out of this? And no, I don’t want to go paperless. I have a valid reason that I don't want to get into here. I just need to know what I’m being charged for each line. Any suggestions?

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Prepaid does not list the numbers called or texted because there is no bill generated.  I am not aware of a postpaid method to remove billing details from a generated bill.  Bills are generated automatically by the system.  

You could reach out to T-Mobile via DM on Facebook or Twitter to see if the T-Force Team know of something that can be done to help with this.

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same answer as above but request paperless billing.