T-Mobile breaking promises to seniors who were offered price-lock guarantee for life on 55+ rate plans

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File a complaint against T-Mobile with your state Attorney General… reasons for complaint: Breach of Contract, Fraud, Discrimination Against Seniors (ageism).  Also suggest to your state AG to contact other state’s AG and as a group to convince T-Mobile that they (TM) needs to Honor Their Contract !!!

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Like so many others on this thread, I signed up for this 55+ plan years ago, banking on the guarantee that T-Mobile provided which was that the only one who could change this plan was me. I filed a complaint with the FCC (received an acknowledgement that they received my complaint) also filed a complaint with my state’s Attorney General, and with every local TV station that has a consumer reporter and with every tech show I could think of. I also contacted T-Mobile, first by phone and then by email, to let them know that I am not willing to accept the change to my plan. I called a local radio station who has a show hosted by an attorney that dispenses ‘marginal legal advice’ - he cautioned me that if I do nothing and just go along with the price increase, T-Mobile could later use that against me, saying in effect that when they raised the rate and I paid the increased rate, that was a sign that I accepted the price increase.   On May 29th I received a phone call from Brandi Ware in the T-Mobile corporate office, offering me a one time credit of $120, (i.e. $5 per line for 12 months) to offset the increase and to give me time to find another carrier. I thanked her for the offer, and told her (by email) that while her offer might seem generous to her, it was unacceptable to me. What I wanted to see was ‘specific performance’ - i.e. T-Mobile honoring their guarantee of no price increase for life. I told her that failing that, when the price increase appeared on my bill, I would file a claim in small claims court against T-Mobile. I told her that based on my estimates (and I still need to crunch the numbers to come up with an exact figure) I have lost about $2,000 by sticking with T-Mobile over the past seven years (84 months), and not switching back and forth between other carriers to take advantage of their artificially low introductory rates.  I’m in a waiting game right now, because I can’t do anything until the rate increase shows up on my bill. And even though the text notification I received from T-Mobile told me that it would be effective on my first bill after June 5 - my latest bill was today (June 6) and it was at the old $60 a month rate for two lines, so until the rate increase shows up, I have no damages to recover, but when it does I will plan to file a small claims action to try and recover what I lost by taking T-Mobile at their word that they would never raise my rate.

Called T mobile customer service today regarding the rate increase for 55+ plan of 5.00 per line. Again another scripted reading to me .... A MINOR ADJUSTMENT TO OUR OLDEST PLANS! ..then tried to see about other plans I might be interested in. When I signed up they told me a locked in price for life! Now they are pulling this! They just got me recently to change form of payment to debit card from credit card! Then switched type of Netflix plan that came with it. They got me to switch from Verizon to their service (which by far doesn't even compare) with their TV Ads state largest 5G Network and makes it look like there service is great...well it's not by far! but I stuck with them. Why have all these commercials and big Celebrities in their TV Ads which I'm sure are getting big bucks for them. Doesn't make savings for us. Just bait and switch!!! Maybe we should let the big celebrities they use how this is and what they are doing!! Class action lawsuit! And file complaints with BBB online and the FCC will get some response. Otherwise customer service will not do anything! Except read their scripts to you. T Mobile has definitely gone downhill as far as I feel. Management must have changed for the worse👎👎 

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Just went thru the same “Your current plan says nothing about a Price-Lock” goat rope with a young T-Mobile Customer Svc Rep. Sadly, he’s the one that has to to endure our rath. Anyway, after sharing I’d enrolled in the (Then) Senior Unlimited 55+ Plan, that included a “Guaranteed Never to Go Up” Price-Lock back in December 2017 AND I needed to know why it’s now called “One Plan 55+” and there’s no longer a lock. Told him I wanted an email address that I could send my concerns to, toward resolution, and was informed there are NO T-Mobile email addresses, but he would be happy to transfer me to his Tampa Supervisor. I gladly accepted that offer and eagerly awaited the end of the Elevator Music, which not surprisingly never ended,  I hung up after 15 minutes. I will be doing the 611 thing AGAIN, and this time tell a Supervisor (among other things) to Read the discuss on their Community Page. I may need to give him/her the link to the page.

The game they’re playing is a word game.  They continue to tell folks that they don’t qualify for the “Price Lock” since that was not in effect when they signed on to their plan.  That may be true, but I really don’t care what the promotion is called.  The fact is, when my wife and I signed on, we were told that our monthly cost would NEVER increase unless we made a change.  We have not made a change.  Whatever their promotion was in November of 2020, it matters not.  These folks are trying to use the “Price Lock” promotion to make us seniors think we didn’t have a guarantee.  We did!  Stick to your guns and let’s make this company keep their word whether they like it or not.

Just had same experience with customer service, long conversation with with ESL person, broken promises. Will be filing complaint with FCC. 

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Go ahead and file a complain with the FCC - for “Breach of Contract”, “Bait & Switch”, “Fraud” and “Senior Abuse / Discrimination”.  Remember that “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”


I did and I just got a letter from T-Mobile - copy of their reply to the FCC.  Lots of blah, blah, blah but they don’t mention anything that the rate plan was geared to the 55+ group.  I will be sending my reply to T-Mobile’s letter to the FCC.  You can send it to DRO@FCC.com - include Case # that you get when the FCC replies to your complaint.

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Every state has an attorney general, an office on aging, and a BBB. Crank up those keyboards.

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I had the Magenta 55+ with the “price lock guarantee” as well. Signed up in December 2021. One line was unlimited talk text and data. One line was talk and text only. I was very satisfied with my service until we got the messages that our bill would be going up. I have gotten FOUR different stories from Four different reps and all conflict.

1) first call -  I was told that one of the lines, the talk, text, data line was priced lock guaranteed, and the other was not. I know it was a price lock guarantee on both that I was initially given. I had my notes from the call  2 1/2 years ago where I asked them three or four times to confirm, and they did. The representative during my first call a few days ago suggested to keep the bill down to change to the essentials plan, as my usage was not that high anyway. I stupidly changed. I then made a comment on T Mobile site on Facebook and they asked me to chat. So I did.

  1. Chat number one - in the chat, I was told that the first representative was wrong, and that the line that went up was the talk and text only line. He assured me that the magenta 55 line was price lock line. He changed me back to my prior plan and assured me there was no problem with doing so, everything would stay the same.
  2. then I get a text message about when my bill would be drafted on auto pay and it was $25 or so more than it was supposed to be so I had to call and speak to a third person. The third person assured me that the second person was wrong and that the first person was correct in which line was supposed to have been price locked. Then they tell me that NONE of the lines were ever price locked. The bill did get adjusted back where they took the $25 off and the bill was only five dollars more  not $30 more. However, the fact remains that the bill went up. Again, where is their price lock guarantee? 
    4.  Just now, I saw a comment on their Facebook page about the same issue, so I made a comment. Of course they wanted to chat. I know it’s going to do no good, but I’m in the middle of one now. This person tells me that the magenta 55 with the data is on the price lock.  See update below.

so what is it? I have four different answers or opinions which all conflict. I don’t know what T Mobile is doing besides lying to customers. The initial representatives when I switch to T-Mobile confirm the price lock, which is now somehow gone. Are they lying Just to sign people up? is it because T Mobile is purchasing another company and they want more money? 

  1.  And now, the current chat - Rep tells me initially that her first info given to me in this chat  is incorrect in that only one Line is going up, but NOW - same chat - so sorry,  BOTH lines are going up!!!!!, The other three said only one line was. So this is story number FOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Made a Facebook comment just now, and again, they want to “chat”, or for me to IM them my phone number. As if I will get any satisfaction at all.  They are saying what they want to keep people in a conflicting circle of lies.

They do not know their butt from a hole in the ground, or they are just instructed to say anything at all to get rid of dealing with the customer.

I don’t know where to turn because you get a different story each time. All I know is it’s a bunch of lies.

T MOBILE.     YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED !!!!!!!!!!!!  But I know you are not.


Yes, and I live in Washington State where T-Mobile is headquartered.  Our AG is quite an activist and running for governor.  On it.

Price promised for 2 seniors for life, denied. 2 phone calls, spinning my wheels.  The first attempt was a chat, the representative told me “I was in luck!  There was a price lock on our account!” (I did keep the chat) Didn’t matter, the cost still increased.  The next was a phone call, in which the rep said the other person just said that to “get rid of me”. So much for customer service.  I’ll also asked if what we were told originally as seniors was a lie?  No answer to that.  Will do some of the ideas mentioned here.

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Today I received in my mail a copy of a reply that T-Mobile sent to the FCC in response to my complaint filed with the FCC.  T-Mobile went through a few paragraphs about both “Un-carrier” and “Price Lock”, and basically said “tough luck”.  They asked that the FCC close my complaint.  Neither Un-carrier or Price Lock was EVER discussed when I signed up.  I was simply PROMISED that, as long as I maintain the account, my monthly cost would NEVER change.  T-Mobile is trying to muddy the waters and add confusion to their broken promises.  I immediately sent an email to the FCC supplying my comments on the T-Mobile letter.  In hopes that it may help someone else, I’m pasting basically what I just sent to the FCC:

“Good Afternoon,

Today I received in the mail a copy of a reply sent to you in response to my complaint regarding T-Mobile, your Ticket No. XXXXXXX.  In that reply, T-Mobile has pointed to two separate packages that they have offered.  First they explain the "T-Mobile Un-contract", then they explain the "Price Lock".  Neither of these packages were what was discussed when we signed up for the T-Mobile Magenta 55+ Plan in November of 2021.  The simple fact is this:  When I signed up with T-Mobile, I was promised that the price of our plan would NEVER increase as long as we maintain the plan.  (Note:  This same promise applied to hundreds of other T-Mobile seniors.  You can find evidence of this on the T-Mobile Community online.)  I have paid our bill every month through "autopay".  Initially, T-Mobile took my monthly payment from my credit card.  Some time back, they disallowed credit cards as autopay, and insisted that they had to debit my checking account instead.  I went along with that with no issue.

In trying to tie my plan to either "Un-carrier" or "Price Lock", T-Mobile is trying to imply that my wife and I fall under one or the other of these packages. That is untrue.  We had an agreement at the time of signup (not a "named package") that our price would not increase.  When I initially called T-Mobile support after receiving a text telling me my rate was increasing, I argued that they had promised me that the rate would remain the same FOREVER.  Two separate representatives from T-Mobile agreed that I had, in fact, been made that promise, but that "with things going up and with inflation, we find we have to make this increase".

I hope that you will be an advocate for (mostly) senior citizen consumers who were made this promise, and not allow T-Mobile to "weasel" their way out of the promise by falsely trying to tie us to two plans that were never brought up when we signed up with them.  Integrity in all matters is important, and this company MUST  NOT be allowed to simply raise prices at their whim despite the promises made to my wife and me and many others.

In their response to you, T-Mobile ends the letter by saying, "Based upon the foregoing, we respectfully request that this complaint against T-Mobile be closed."  To that I say to you, they are basing their response on false and misleading information, and I request that you do NOT close this request, but continue the search for integrity within T-Mobile.

I will be happy to explain this situation verbally should you need to contact me by phone.

Thank you very much,”

T-MOBILE is absolutely lying to us. Our rate was guaranteed for life. I would not have signed up otherwise. We need to complain to the FCC. Once they raise our rate every year or so. I cannot believe they just lie about this promise they made. Maybe a lawyer would be interested in a class action lawsuit 

I am equally disappointed in TMobile now backing out on its price lock guarantee.  I have been happy with TMobile for many years and signed up for the 55+ plan for both the cost and the Price Lock commitment.  That was a limited time offer and although I’m sure TMobile got a great response with new customers (bottom line profit for them); I’m sure the total profit they are gaining with a $5 line increase is not much and they should honor their commitment to Seniors who are on a fix income that is NOT keeping up with inflation.  TMobile continues to grow because of its good service, they should NOT be going back on their word.  It  brings them down a   notch in my book, very dissappointed.

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To anyone who may be unsure about filing the various complaints: I have filed all three--BBB, FCC and my state AG Dept. of Consumer Affairs--and it couldn’t be easier. No great language skill, computer knowledge or legal acumen is required. Let’s keep the deluge of these complaints flowing. At the least it will keep the flunkies busy responding to them, and at best someone in authority will take up our just cause.

File complaint on line - very quick and easy

NYS attorney general Letitia James doesn't play games, I know this from personal dealings she is the real deal.

Let's see how she weighs in.

Filed complaint with BBB also - easy process.  Encourage everyone to do so!

My name is Mitch I concur with everyone who has either already been jacked on T-Mobil’s promised price lock for life, “One Plan”. I’m about to be screwed on my next billing statement. I will take everyone’s advice and file as many complaints as needed until we open a class action lawsuit if that’s what we need to do. 

Smoke & Mirrors. T-Mobile, what are you doing? Keep your promise to everyone who has stuck with you because you promised all of us and because it’s the right thing to do. To think that you’re just going to screw us all and nobody is going to care. Guess what? I care, we all care and this is not over…

So glad to see that many others are equally incensed by this. I do hope there is a class formed and a lawsuit initiated. 

The best thing to do is to file a complaint with the f c c

i have same story like yours, We need take any action to T-mobil, otherwise they just ignore our voices, T-mobil not good business for our seniors.


I filed a complaint with the FCC and believe that there is a good case for class action.  

Right after filing my complaint with the AG in Colorado I got a call from T-Mobile. The rep had very little to say other than letting me know that if I terminate with them they will forgive my last month of charges.  He was inviting me to leave! 

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If you have filed a complaint with the FCC, then it’s very important that each time that the FCC reaches out to you via email, you respond to them and let them know that your complaint has not been resolved. Otherwise, if they don’t hear from you, at the end of thirty days they will consider the case closed.

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  1. Filed complaint with FCC.
  2. Got a form letter response from T-Mobile to the FCC complaint.
  3. Letter was full of smoke screens  that did not address their price lock for 55+ plan from 2017.
  4. They did address other “agreements” but not my 2017 price lock issue.
  5. Got a email  from FCC  today asking if I wanted to continue complaint and why.  
  6. Responded that I did. Gave the above reasons.