Phone Freedom

  • 20 April 2023
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Phone Freedom
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My favorite part of being in the Magenta Family has been seeing how T-Mobile shakes things up to get rid of antiquated practices and eliminate customer pain points. T-Mobile is up to some more great shenanigans. Today we announce the new Un-carrier Move: PHONE FREEDOM

You know how it feels like the new guy always gets the good stuff? New babies get all the attention. New coworkers get all the good feedback. New customers get the better promotions. Well T-Mobile is here to disrupt this norm by introducing the new Go5G plan. Go5G and Go5G Plus offer more hotspot data and the Go5G Plus plan gives new and existing customers the same great device deals. Gone are the days of missing out on a major deal because you have been with the company for months or years.

The new plans are great, but we have more. Phone Freedom is also bringing enhancements to our switcher programs. Carrier Freedom lets us reimburse you for your remaining device balance with your old carrier when you switch to us, trade in your old phone, and buy a new one on your T-Mobile account. With the Easy Unlock, you can now combine the device reimbursement with a promotion for your new phone. That means we will give you up to $650 per line to pay off old phones and deals to get a new one free or discounted.

We are always learning, innovating, and building. Things are not always sunshine and rainbows, though. If you sign up and things are not performing the way you really need them to, we don’t want you to feel stuck. I mean, we aren’t a ball and chain, right? With the launch of our Go Back Guarantee, we are offering $50 per line via rebate for customers that switch to us, don’t love the experience, and have to make the tough decision to go back to their previous carrier within the first 30 days. T-Mobile wants to be the wireless provider you choose, not the one you’re stuck with.

Phone Freedom offers great changes to break customer pain points. We are so excited to share this information with you. If you want to learn more, you can read about it on our Newsroom and our Un-Carrier page.

Comment below with your thoughts or questions about our newest Un-carrier Move: Phone Freedom.

1 reply

Has anyone had messages or photos sent from  phone that you did not send??