5G Gateway signal boost

  • 30 June 2023
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Is there any devices to boost the signal strength on the Gateway other than a wired outside antenna. I have tried several different locations in my home and the best I get is Good, but sometimes Weak.

4 replies

I have the same question.  The best signal I get due to where I need to have the device placed is 3 bars.

I see antennas promoted to increase signal strength and they all have coax cables.  Thera is no coax input on the back of the gateway which leads me to believe there is no solution.

The two RJ45 ports appear to be OUT. Not sure about he micro-USB port.

Someone from Tmobile please respond?????

Is there an outside antenna that will boost my signal? Or anyway to improve signal?

Was told the cell spot I have for my phones is not for the home internet, and don’t use it.

I am at 2 bars, tech support said that was ok. Internet seems to be working well, but still hesitant.


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@SFE7, @tonkagman, the number of bars on the gateway don’t mean very much. They display the strenght of your 4G signal only. What you need to look at are the “Advanced cellular metric” in the “More” tab of the TMO HI app. The metrics for both the LTE and 5G connections are shown. Tapping on each metric will then give you more information on that metric.

What are your metrics?

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Best of luck - just spoke to T-Mobile Home Internet support, and unless service (not signal) is poor, they’ll typically exchange 1:1 devices (same for same) or what’s in stock.

Metrics mean a bit on those gateways ‘for some’.  Eg.  3 bars (typical indoor) gives ~300-450Mbps/10-20Mbps download for me and ‘Good’ service.  4 bars (need to have door open or outdoors) will give ‘Very good’ and typically requires RSRP better than -100dBm on LTE and SINR of better than 10.

That will give me +450/60Mbps.  At times it’ll reach +600Mbps/90Mbps.

When it drops to ‘weak’, and SINR goes to ~5 with RSRP ~-105dBm or worse on LTE performance drops to ~150-250Mbps and then I might lose n41 for n71.