Anyone else having problem activating galaxy watch 4 as standalone?

  • 9 October 2021
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No, I never tried DIGITS. I'm not sure it would work for me as I came over from Sprint. I'm on the T-mobile network now but I don't think I can use DIGITS. 

I shouldn't have anything to do with Sprint anymore... 

And one year later the problem persists.  This is a Samsung issue.  I was easily able to set up a standalone plan on my Apple Watch.  I’m about to cuss somebody out at Samsung lol.


Don't let anyone tell you, you can't use the Samsung Galaxy Watches as stand alone watches.  I recently purchased the Samsung Watch 6 Classic ( which is the LTE) version. I contacted tmobile via chat because it wasn't allowing me to make or receive calls independently.  After 2 hours of chat, I was transferred to technical support. She basically did the same as the chat representative and I even had to reset my watch! She kept asking me was it the LTE version,  I said yes. After being on the phone for about an hour and a half, she placed me on hold. She came back to the line and advised Tmobile no longer offers stand alone plans for Samsung watches, only Apple watches. I asked why then is Tmobile selling stand alone watches if it can't operate as its own line? She couldn't answer the question and insisted the only way the watch will work is if it's paired with my fold 5 and tied to digits. I gave up and she paired it with digits. The next day, I called back and another person advised only Samsung version 4 watches are compatible as stand alone and I can only pair my new watch with my phone. I knew the information was wrong, so I called back again and got another agent (Rell) she was able to get my watch set up the correct way ( as a stand alone), she unpaired it from digits,she confirmed that I could make calls, receive calls and text. It took a total of 5 minutes!!!!! I asked to speak to her supervisor to give her kudos and to let her know to please educate the previous reps who misinformed me and who knows else. There are all kinds of posts about this, some people were successful at getting their watches properly connected and working as stand alone and some were not. Again, your Samsung Galaxy Watch (LTE version) can work independently/ operate as a stand alone.

@TLH20 how on Earth did you do it?  I’ve currently spent 13+ hours of my time trying to get 2 new Galaxy Watch4s activated on the 2 new lines that T-Mobile gave me.  I keep hearing that’s it’s not possible unless I have a Samsung device from prior to 2018 or if I switch to Apple!  Even though T-Mobile’s own website is offering promotions for Samsung watches IF you ADD TO A NEW LINE!!  

I just told TMobile to discontinue the services since they were unable to activate my watch as a standalone.  I would give it another shot though if I knew what I could tell them to help them activate it.  Any advice?

@SilverRed I just kept trying until I got the right person. It's definitely possible. The watch needs to be set up as its own line. The rep that I spoke to Rell, said it's a common mistake that alot of reps make. It has to be disconnected from digits and be its own individual line.