Anyone else having problems since switching to T-Mobile?

  • 11 November 2021
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Battery life will also be much shorter.   I’ve typically had similar issue when I go out of state/country and end up roaming.  Much of it comes with either having to push more power to have usable signal (weak signal), or in my case when out of country or roaming - attempting to search for home / default service.

These times, my phones battery ran out in hours vs days when NOT being actively used.

I was a Sprint customer and switched to T-Mobile since the merger.  I have been having problems ever since I switched.  With Sprint, I had great reception.  Now, with T-mobile, calls drop all the time, texts don’t always send right away, and data is very slow, if it even connects.  I don’t even get call in my house.  This is ridiculous.  Why aren’t they using the same Sprint towers?  I have to leave my house to get text messages. Help!!!!!


Yes!! I've been having the same problems! The map shows I have coverage but I never do!

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Yes!! I've been having the same problems! The map shows I have coverage but I never do!

Welcome to T-Mobile’s coverage map and disclaimer:  of ‘T-Mobile does not guarantee service anywhere’.  Ironically, T-Mobile can promote service at a specific address, and claim that their maps are accurate, but will fall back on that statement EVERY TIME.  I do have FCC/CPUC tickets open to T-Mobile for this issue.  Of course, the response doesn’t change.  CPUC has advised me to use a ‘formal’ CPUC complaint.  This may work in Cali, as T-Mobile has a timeline to meed 94% of rural California with +50Mbps.

The service is fine.

Whats upsetting is the tremendous amount of spam.

Also, I've had the same service since it was Nextel. 25 years of dedication.  When it was Sprint, when I called I got picked up on right away because Ive been a loyal customer. Today I got stuck in an hour wait. 

Probably time to switch. So much for loyalty.