Anyone fed-up with horrible coverage from TMobile

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T-Mobile really likes to pile the icing on their . My T-Mobile bill just went from 118.00$ to 130.00 without any type of permission or information. Cannot tell if any type of improvement of crappy service or coverage. T-Mobile has gotten away dishonest representation. enough people need to complain to the PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION. AND FILE LAWSUITS FOR INTENTIONAL MISREPRESENTATION.

You can file there, but id recommend starting with the BBB.  Your issue is billing, so BBB/CPUC are your best bets after “customer care”.


Try their 5g home internet. Mine looses the signal as the day goes on.Guarenteed by 2pmest I’ll be at the blazing fast speed of 1.0mps. When I called,they said it was a problem with the firmware in the moden that ran fine up until 2 weeks ago, They overnighted a new modem(I have a feeling it was refurbished as it didn’t come with a power cable). Plugged that one in and it started to turn itself off and back on for what seemed like every 15 minutes. I was on the phone with customer service and the tech support for at least an hour and a half on friday. They wanted to send out another modem until I asked if this one could be returned to the store where I signed up at. When they said yes,first thing saturday morning I was there. They gave me a different make. Plugged it in and so sooner as the afternoon hit,The internet slowed to a crawl. Did the tap dance of moving the modem to different parts of the house and ended up with it back in the spot where the original was. I went on twitter and posted the speeds I was getting and got someone from tech support who claims they have a fix for my problem,but can’t do anything until wensday. Unreal. If I stop payment on my bill,they’ll shut my service down,But they can give crap service and you get to take it and wait. Now I see their new modems have a hook up for and external antenna that you can purchase for a mere $99. I have a sneaking suspision thats the fix that’s going to be coming through on Wensday.

I cannot agree more! The 2 young men at the TMobile store lied, had no clue what they were doing. Said my bill would a certain amount but that wasn’t true. They told me that T-Mobile buys out your Verizon contract and I didn’t have to do anything. Also, a lie! I had to pay off all my lines with Verizon.  Then to give me the same phone numbers they had to add phones to my account, so I have 2 different phone numbers for every line.  One has the wrong device on it.  On top of it all the service is terrible, they say they have the best 5G networks, no way!  Where my house is in the country Verizon always had service, never dropped calls. But T-Mobile...calls dropped all the time, no connection or internet 90% of the time.  So mad that I was lied to. The web site never functions properly, always says your lines must have gotten crossed...sorry.  I'm so tired of the all-around crappy service.  I do like the home internet but it's not available anywhere even thought I took it and plugged in in at a location it says it is not available in and it worked.  I wish I would have stayed with Verizon even if it meant paying $200 more a month. At lease their staff knows what they are doing and do not lie to you.  One last thing. The salesman didn’t even ask if I wanted him to transfer the data from my old phone. He just took it and did it. I am capable of doing my own transfer! That was so rude, then I found out they were using Pulp’s internet because their own internet is that crappy.  So mad at myself for trying to save money and this is what I get. 


The terms and conditions mean nothing because it takes awhile to learn your service sucks!

I coukd have read everything and it wouldn't have changed a thing!

We were told to switch sim cards before porting over to make sure we had good service at our house and it seemed we did so we switched over.

Over the last 3 months i have almost never had a call that wasn't dropped or very hard to hear at times, my wife and I drop around 5 to 7 calls a day between each other (basically every single one!

Huge stretches of interstate where verizon never dropped a single call are now complete DEAD zones!

I have found about a dozen spots where calls now drop every single time where verizon never missed a beat!

Forget inside a building! HA! That's a total joke! And again with verizon we had zero issues! 

Well today I've finally had it! We're going to the verizon store today and seeing what we can do about going back! 

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Sadly, this is why many people need to ‘try before you buy’ approach.  It’s cheaper (prepaid device or old device unlocked/2nd sim) pay by the month - don’t like it - cancel it.

Hassle of porting + almost enforced new device makes it painful - especially if you had a plan that isn’t available anymore.

T-Mobile is a joke!  Terrible service both cellular and customer.  I’m currently on hold because they are updating their system before they can cancel my home internet.  It’s amazing how easy it is to sign up online and in stores but the only way to cancel is to call in.  Calling in means you wait on hold for about an hour and then talk to someone with a thick accent that can’t fix your problem.  My recommendation is to cancel service asap!  They make it so difficult to cancel so you just give up and deal with them and their terrible service.  Don’t give up!  Cancel service!

As a spectrum customer for many yrs. I decided to try t-mobile. Big mistake marketing advertisement was not upfront. Was promised (2) prepaid cars in 8 wks. Its now February so decided to call and see why taking so long.  To my amazement the receptionist the did not even mention this. This was suppose to have been documented while filling out all documents. Long story short the prepaid specialist says I have to wait another 8 wks because they don't have a button where you can satisfy customers whom has been bamboozled by receptionist who don't know their jobs. SHAME ON TMOBILE. IM PAYING MY BILL ON TIME BUT CAN'T MAKE A CORRECTION FOR ELUSIVE PRACTICES. SHAME ON TMOBILE. HELLO SPECTUM.


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I am very fed up

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Read this

Hello to whom it may concern. My name is Karl Veal. I have a very small podcast on all apps and I have come across a story regarding Tmobile and their operations when it comes to closing customer accounts. I have a gentleman with screen shots from as low as messaging agents all the way up to high up managers at tmobile displaying absolutely disgusting behavior towards this individual concerning very eye opening dealings with his account personally. The genteman has everything including agents adding phone lines with promised equipment limit doubling and taking the phone orders for these new lines and then sending him SIM cards and a message saying hie equipment limit actually was not doubled but the request was denied. Same account has screen shots of conversations regarding a security breach on his account in 2022. A scam artist had actually put in a claim through assurant their phone insurance company and had his phone turned off and a new phone shipped to him in Nyc with the customers own credit card on file with Tmobile. Months later the gentleman had a security breach on his account with Bay and he had reached out to both companies for any information to provide his bank. Just in case it may have been the same account intruder and both companies refused his repeated requests for any information on the name the phone was sent to or the address it was sent to. Any information to help his banks investigation. Really refused any information about even if his account was refunded for this incident because his bank could not confirm. Requests for a formal investigation have still to this day gone unanswered. As recently as today after a months long investigation into missing phones on his account, the gentleman was promised credit on his account that again is acknowledged through screenshots and notes on his account for the time spent on the phone with said company and the inconvenence of an investigation that was promised to last 24 to 48 hours. Giving a little more detail about this specific incident, he reported a delivery marked delivered that he actually had not received. This was reported January 5th and a ticket to start an investigation was not filed until January 9th. Let the company informed him this 4 days tickets had been filed and the company was hard at work. Spending as much as five hours a day those four days calling and messaging the company and the delivery service UPS. On January 17th the customer had to reach out to UPS for a completely different shipment and informed them of his disapproval of damaging his current package through amazon and the wait on their investigation with tmobile a couple weeks prior. The manager in charge of lost packages informed him he was unaware the customers order had not gone as planned and nothing had been filed or notified with UPS. Just today after getting enough of their behavior for the 2nd time. First time ending with a $1600 bill that was refused to be lowered for all the mistakes on the account and forced to come back or erase the bill if he didn’t port back. Only this time the gentleman got a port code and informed the company of his intentions to leave. Listed all grounds to leave on his account and then ported the same number and device he had done so on November 10th of 2023 and returned November 24th. Looking at the behavior of every agent he came in contact with this morning im sure any current and future customers mind would be blown. Harrassment and bullying has been shown before but never in this manner. He is denied access back into his account after giving the necessary information to gain access to the account with agents even confirming his account has been confirmed. The minute he asked why his device won’t let Verizons sim on the phone and confirm he would like to close the account and pay it off right away suddenly the very same agents can’t confirm his account when they are shown to be the department to handle this issue. Tell him he can only call when they are aware his phone will no longer make calls,  will not send email confirmation to his email on the account after they repeatedly say the account is closed but will not show hime the final bill until he gives his credit card information in the same secure form 3 agents in a row insisted they don’t use to verify account can suddenly be used for credit card information.  Information provided to the company include his name, address on file, email on file, account pin, account number, birthdate and verification emails he could have easily accepted. All of this information was provided for the agents to gain access but was continually denied to the customer when he asked about the decrepency of being aloud to transfer his same number and same device in November exactly 11 days after receiving the device on a brand new payment plan and why suddenly his phone is blocked and the the phone itselfs balance is $200 plus down from before and actually on the exact payment plan that was never paid on late and actually his account bills never have once been paid late without ooutsideinterference from tmobille mistakes and his own accounts hacking. Suddenly that same phone needs to be paid off in full before they will allow Verizons sim to be put on it. This same phone that almost at full price was aloud to port from tmobile into Verizon along with 2 other almost full priced newly put on financing device plans devices. Not only that all received new Verizon SIM cards and when ported back all had to be shipped back to tmobile SIM cards. Suddenly this said to be policy on every single account with a device on a payment plan on tmobile. They will not send said policy after multiple requests or let him see the changes they claim to have made on his account. I can’t help but wonder how many times this has happened to guests all over the world and unaware agents would verify the account and transfer to correct department to get  the issues taken care of and once he asks for the account to be closed and access to said confirmation info he is told numerous times his account count be validated. One agent was asked for a manager I counted ten times and the agent refused and before he ended the talk abruptly the agent deleted every word spoke between them. Two agents actually did this after displaying behavior that I know is illegal and can be proven as illegal. I want to get other victims of this behavior to tell their stories and their cases to interested parties and be able to be heard and compensated fully for the and im sure worse experiences that haven’t been reported. This same customer has reached out to the fcc, and etc, and his states attorney generals office and is still waiting on results of their investigation and all tmobile agent made aware of this do not seem to be intimidated by their consequences. So I want this to get as big as possible with what exactly happens when this behavior can be proven in screenshot form and from simply gaining a  attorney and demanding those chats in fully. If any go the chats differ in missing sentences or in any way from the screenshots. What has their consequences been? And is this taught behavior through the company and agents in charge. How far up the company is this behavior known and not changed. When do they admit responsibility or how far does it actually have to go. If any of your reporters are willing to help me help you get this story investigated I do have all necessary information in screenshots and the comer is ready to take this to court or advice me off reporters who they know are willing to do this story please email me back at karlveal@gmail.comand please give the first episode of my podcast a listen again caller Live To Tell Podcast with Karl Veal for an idea of how I tell stories and like them to come across. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing back………Karl

  As w/my VERY poor serviced ‘Community Phone’ account was lied to about the connection status in my rural zone. When first considering (them) told ‘top’ reception area. Soon followed (by my complaints) to such a dream then told ‘oh, gee’ maybe not so good after all and then of course trying to insinuate must be (my) fault somehow. Think we are ALL fed up w/the corporate lies (as w/political and gov) that support this allowing their FCC licensing, etc.!!! Get their $$$ and ‘See Ya’ chumps. Century Link lobbied to get away w/such things and now they all try. Bark back people. Getting too absurd!

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Just as a note:  T-Mobile will claim “Coverage isn’t guaranteed anywhere any time”, also, many of the reps that you will speak to are on the other side of the planet and have no clue about US Geography.  Lastly .. the coverage maps that they have for us Proletariat hype coverage in many areas where there is none.  The FCC has promoted a coverage map with data provided to them by .. T-Mobile which shows many areas of ‘No Service’ where T-Mobile makes the claim of 4G LTE/ 5G / 5G UC.


I recommend that you compare your area with:


 Yes. Do not recall hearing the word,”Guaranteed” when speaking to a T-Mobile agent either by phone or their local office not that one would expect such a thing. Pretty much refuse (anymore) to try to converse w/one of their outsourced correspondents as they employ some of the worst at the English speaking endeavor I have heard and feel like you are reading their cover sheet info w/them as they muddle through (and do not follow through w/their promises). Other than when T-Mobile suddenly closes my account (and service) w/out due notice and due to (their) admitted mistake, I typically call the local agents which are courteous and seem to try to help (in the unbroken English language) but they,too, are limited as to on the ground fixes.

  As far as coverage, initially speaking to (the locals) we were going over the same coverage maps together showing fair to good coverage (fixed) and as now, 100% w/mobile (which is better than PC).

  As reported; ‘ the FCC’s maps, which use carrier provided data’ indicates a no better deal w/the FCC involved so not sure if or where can get an unbiased account for true coverage. Point at large, still (and worse and worse) as time goes on my service to modem is sliding down the tube. Always reads 2 or 3 bars (occasional 4) however seems (not) to reflect real time coverage. PC slowing tremendously to freezing and more and more modem ‘no availability alerts’, etc., and of course streaming reflecting condition. As far as the ‘misinformation’ (everywhere) it will always be known as ‘lies’ (in it’s natural state) regardless of the exemplary example of 24/7 such tales we get from Washington D.C., (especially currently) and (any) business that desires to reflect such a lead (should) get the ‘universal stink eye’. 👿

This is a Description of our Complaint with T-Mobile and the BBB:
For the past almost 3 years we have had all of our family cell phone lines with T-Mobile. We switched over from Verizon about 3 years ago because we responded to a promotion offered by T-Mobile whereby offered much better coverage at much better prices. Turns out that their marketing in advertising campaign was misleading and inaccurate at best. From day one, the coverage and reception was below any basic level of acceptance causing phone calls in messages to drop or fail at a rate off three failed for one success. After a few months, I complained with T-Mobile, they profusely apologized and told us to be patient because they were in the process of rolling out their new 5G Network and also merging their Network with sprints, and they said that the coverage and service issues will greatly improve in a matter of weeks or a couple of months at the most. When this didn't happen, I called to request a transfer of service and they insisted that it was just a matter of time for their coverage and service to noticeably improve and they offer a nominal remporary discount to keep us from switching over. As expected, the coverage and service not only did not improve but got worse. After another 12 months have gone by and everyone in our household having being fed up with dropped calls failed messages in lack of connectivity, we have decided to switch over to another carrier. When I call T-Mobile to inquire about the process, they told me that we're free to switch over but they're going to charge us retractively rebates and fees that they have waived because we're not meeting the term of our contract. And my question to them what kind of compensation do we get for the 3 years of failing to provide the most basic service that we have been faithfully paying in full for almost 3 years. We'll know that these are tactics that these types of companies use to hold people hostage regardless of whether they are the ones at fault in causing you to leave. This should be unacceptable!

I’m a month-to-month T-Mobile subscriber with three phones on my plan. My service has gotten progressively worse since January 2022 and every time I speak to a T-Mobile representative online they tell me their network is fine and there’s no problems in my area, but I speak to T-Mobile employees in a T-Mobile corporate store and they tell me they’re experiencing the same thing on their phones in the same area as where I am experiencing problems. Today was the topper. I went from five bars of 5G service in my home. to zero to one bar of service. The online help people always want to put it on my phones, but the last time they did that I had purchased two brand new iPhone 15’s shortly after and the problem did not get any better. Today I have been transferred to the tech-support people twice and both times after somebody answers I get hung up on and have to go through the whole chat process again. it’s a shame, because T-Mobile had the best service in my area at one time, and now it’s worse than any service I’ve ever had. 

I was a previously happy Sprint customer with no problems. I was not only forced to move over to T-mobile but I also had to put out $1300 for an iPhone 13 Pro just to be compatible with their 5G network. At first it wasn’t too bad, sometimes a little slower. But within the last week or two, I am down to 1 bar, a warning will pop up that I am not connected to the internet (my home internet is switched off on my phone), it takes forever to load an internet page if it loads at all and messages take a long time to load. What is going on? This is so frustrating!

BYW I live in the North East USA.

I have the same problem, switched to iPhone 12 and currently sitting in an Ultra 5G area with 1-2 bars of LTE no matter where I go in my house. How is this possible? I’d be happy with even 4 bars of LTE at this point. What a rip off. 

I’m a month-to-month T-Mobile subscriber with three phones on my plan. My service has gotten progressively worse since January 2022 and every time I speak to a T-Mobile representative online they tell me their network is fine and there’s no problems in my area, but I speak to T-Mobile employees in a T-Mobile corporate store and they tell me they’re experiencing the same thing on their phones in the same area as where I am experiencing problems. Today was the topper. I went from five bars of 5G service in my home. to zero to one bar of service. The online help people always want to put it on my phones, but the last time they did that I had purchased two brand new iPhone 15’s shortly after and the problem did not get any better. Today I have been transferred to the tech-support people twice and both times after somebody answers I get hung up on and have to go through the whole chat process again. it’s a shame, because T-Mobile had the best service in my area at one time, and now it’s worse than any service I’ve ever had.