Awful Coverage


I traveled to Orlando earlier this year and my phone was useless, no data at all. My wife is in Chicago now and same thing, no data. And even worse she can’t even make phone calls. These are major metros and should not be having issues like this. Is it just me or do you think T-Mobile’s “coverage” map is all lies. 2+ hours on their live chat and on the phone with their tech “experts” and still not working. I started text chatting to them today… conversation starts and they ask me which line i’m having issues with… then I get “Sorry, this service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.” Absolutely horrible customer service. I was so happy saving some money when I left Verizon but no point if we can’t use our phones. I’m definitely looking at Verizon again. Oh, and get this… while I was on the phone with their tech support, the agent actually told me the reason my wife’s phone was not working was because they “HAVE NO CELL TOWERS IN CHICAGO”. I repeated it back to him… “You’re telling me TMobile has no cell towers in Chicago?” And he said that is correct! I told him that is ridiculous and cannot be true because Chicago is a major metro and why would your coverage map show full 4G/5G coverage if that was the case. He then put me on hold to talk to his manager.

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