No cell phone service in New Port Richey Fl 34654


I have been on the phone with Sprint/T-Mobile customer service, technical support, and hung up on or can’t hear me during conversations with them for the last two days. As soon as I hit my neighborhood area I have no cell service nor can I get Internet on my cell phone. I’ve been told the tower is down for the last two days and nobody has an explanation or a timeframe of when it will be fixed except ASAP. This is very frustrating and I am one day away from dropping this company and going to Verizon. This is unacceptable my husband has lost multiple leads for his business due to this . I need an answer right now of when my service will have more than one bar located on my phone. I can’t even open an app or listen to music on my phone when I take my dog for a walk and that is unacceptable I am furious right now. The only way I can do anything is if I’m on Wi-Fi  I pay way too much money on auto pay every month to go through this. I have done everything the technical help department has asked to no avail. So this must be issues with the tower.  Has anyone else in this area has these issues? I need THE Sprint/T-Mobile to respond today and NOT FROM INDIA, MEXICO, OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY BESIDES THE US. 

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if youre wanting to get in contact with an actual agent and dont want to call anymore your only option will be to contact them through either Facebook or Twitter..the site here is primarily peer to peer with a handful of moderators that do not have account access.

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You might try turning off WiFi Calling. I sometimes have trouble with WiFi Calling where one side of the connection does not work.