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we recently switched to T-mobile and  we have T-Mobile plus service for all five lines all cellphones have extremely slow internet speed (less that 3mb even when we have  full bars)

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T-mobile internet is way too slow for me. I will be sticking with XFiniity unfortunately!

I’ve been having trouble with my signal drops from time to time can’t even make calls or do anything without WiFi 

I have the same problem.  We have 5 lines.  On every line the voice service is good.  But the data speeds are awful at all hours of the day.  And at rush hour there is zero data bandwidth even when close to a tower.  Just as bad we travel to a lot of areas without Tmobile coverage and the Tmobile roaming data plan is garbage. 


You're lucky that you get 3/mbs. I have 4 bars on my 5G line and 4 bars on the 4G line and my speeds are (0.22 mbps down and 0.18 mbps up). The coverage map has me in solid 4G LTE and 5G Ultra Capacity. I have solid phone and text it's just my data that is horrible. They don't have any answers. 

I am having problems with slow internet service. At times it is decent but other times I cannot watch my internet TV. I need a stronger signal. The average signal strength for my area is 52 MBS. I can only get 3 mbs consistently, and sometimes it is below 1mbs. Please increase my signal. I am not getting what I was promised when I took your service.

Even though I have a "good " signal I'm lucky to get 10mbs. No where near the minimum 35mbs claimed by the FAQ. Totally unusable for video streaming. 

I am having the same issue. Extremely slow speeds and often get no connection that comes and goes. I have Very good signal and even added a Wi-Fi extender because the signal doesnt span to the other side of my house, which is only 1000sqft. Im very dissappointed because this was NOT was I was told that I would be getting. 

I am getting 2mb download speed and 0.08 upload speed, t-mobile is the most frustrating cell company I have ever used, they claim to have the largest 5g network in the country but that doesn't mean crap if I'm only getting 3g speed

The first day I received the internet equipment I could download at a little over 100 mbps which was impressive for me considering att couldn’t go over 35mbps. 2nd day it was struggling to get 1mbps. 3rd day top speed 12mbps and read 4g on router without moving it. 4th day sending back luckily I didn’t cancel my other crappy internet.  Reliable? Well I guess that’s what they have to claim, but of course it’s always a lie with these folks

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I would highly recommend checking a few things first:

  1.  The placement guide needs to be used to place your Home Internet device in the ‘best’ location (note:  closest may not be best if it is physically blocked from view of the ‘tower’, but 15’ away has a clear line of site)
  2. Following step #1 - remove as many physical barriers between your Home Internet device and the closest tower - near a window is better than a wall.  Highest elevation can probably help.
  3. Rotate the device (I can go from ‘Very good to poor’ based on device rotation!
  4. Use the T-Mobile home internet device’s ‘More’ and ‘Advanced Cellular Metrics’.  LTE and 5G metrics will have values and the magenta text will indicate good vs poor values for each.

If all the above result in ‘Very Good’ / 4 bars and your performance is still very poor, then contact T-Mobile - it’s possible you’re being deprioritized, which you cannot fix.