Slow or no data with hotspot.

  • 2 November 2022
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I am a 23+ year Sprint customer and have been in the store, contacted online chat, and even called the Sprint help desk at ‪(888) 211-4727.  I was told my issue has been escalated with high priority, and yet after two weeks, no one has contacted me to help resolved my issue.


Here is my issue:

  1. Slow or no data connection especially west of my home location.
  2. Constant data disconnect and reset when I enable hotspot.
  3. The issue is on all 4 lines (devices).

 So unless someone from Sprint/T-mobile higher level support contact me to resolve my issue, I will be forced to end the 23+ years of loyalty.  Please don’t contact me if you are only going to try and force a network reset or change settings on my devices, because like I said, I have been through 3 channels of front line support all trying the same thing.  That is a total of 10 hours of wasted time.


Hopefully someone on here know a direct line into the competent support level at Sprint/T-Mobile.

4 replies

We are in the same boat, I’ve been with Sprint/T-Mobile for at least 20 years now and experiencing the exact issues you are. To make things worse, not only did I waste a good 15 hours of my time with their stores, then tech support, then the iFixIt store, then back to tech support another three times, but they sent me a replacement phone with of course the exact issues. When I was at the T-Mobile store the employee let me connect to the hotspot on his phone and it worked great (80mbps) then he tried connecting to mine (.01mbps) and couldn’t believe it. Seeing his phone work perfectly was very discouraging. Here’s the kicker, I get a steady 900 - 997 mbps on my 5G, so it’s really discouraging to know I have all that speed but can’t share it with my laptop or tablet or even my smart TV.

I have been very satisfied with my service up until now but after back to back hurricanes with power outages, I needed my hotspot feature which always worked perfectly in years past only for it to be so slow it is useless. I just upgraded to the phone six months ago and the hotspot was slow then but I thought it was just a momentary issue. Apparently it is not and T-Mobile won’t own up to it. I’ve dreaded jumping ship but I guess it’s time to explore the other carriers.

I hope we both find some satisfaction after going through this crap. By the way, apparently there are tons of other people in these forums with the same issue.


Jan. 27th of 2023 and the issue has not been resolved.  The T-Mobile Network experience for Sprint customers is really not provisioned correctly.

I may have to file a complaint with my state AG because my plans include hot spot and it has not worked for months.  T-Mobile CS open a ticket and automatically closes it after calling back the next day and leaving a voice mail to inquire if the problem has been resolved?  It happened three times!

Here’s a clue, if you have to ask me if the problem is resolved, then you don’t know if the problem is resolved which means no one is working on resolving the problem.  Just because I did not answer my phone doesn’t mean you get to close out the ticket for making a callback!

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I’d recommend hitting the BBB (in which T-Mobile will contact you) - takes ~3 days before they call you.  State AG process will probably take longer.  I’ve gone through CPUC (California) and it ends up with T-Mobile ‘executive response’ team calling you.  Result will typically be them attempting to migrate you or send you a ‘cellspot’ (uses your home internet, assuming that you have one).

Most of the recent T-Mobile support (customer care) and advanced technical support are based out of the Philippines, and T-Mobile actually wants ticket closure and new ticket vs. keeping one open for a while to fix.


Filed complaint with my State AG on Saturday and T-Mobile “executive response” team called me Monday afternoon.  They created a ticket.

Let’s see what they end up doing since my issue is hot spot does not work.  The phones (4 devices) goes into a continuous data network disconnection and reconnection loop.  Everything works fine if I don’t turn on hot spot while using T-mobile data network connection (LTE/4G).