T_Mobile Coverage in North East Arkansas

  • 18 September 2022
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Been with AT&T for years, thinking about changing to T-Moble is the Coverage as good in the Jonesboro & Paragould Arkansas?  Please someone advise, I know of anyone who has T-Mobile in this area!

4 replies

The coverage is good in Jonesboro/Paragould area.

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Reading T-Mobile’s coverage maps is a special art.


It used to be a little easier - as it was shaded to ‘excellent / good / fair /no service’ - in which ‘fair’ meant you probably won’t have service outdoors most of the time.

It now is listed by service type … 5G UC / 5G / 4G LTE / 3g+2g / roaming / no service

It much less useful to determine whether you will or won’t have service - as you could be in ‘fair’ with no service, or standing right next to a tower, and it is indicated as the same.


T-Mobile ‘advanced technical support’ have openly admitted to me that the coverage maps are really for sales and marketing, and many of the areas I’ve been to with ‘no service’ are covered on their maps as 5G/LTE … actually have ‘No Service’  by their internal maps.

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@formercanuck has the answer. Don’t believe T-Mobile’s maps. Ask the local group on Facebook. Check Take a test drive.  Reading T-Mobile’s coverage maps is a special art.

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can't say myself,  but looks OK on cellmapper.  Paragould could use more sites, but I haven't been. to either.