Texting issues when connected to WiFi

  • 28 August 2018
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I am also experiencing this issue intermittently, but recently much worse.

If I turn off wifi, SMS sends just fine. Turn it back on, no SMS will send. Same problem any any wifi network. Home, office, airport, etc.

Immensely frustrating and makes me really consider dropping T-Mobile.

Same issue here.  I have an unlocked AT&T phone on T-Mobile. I don't use or have WiFi calling enabled.  I don't seem to have problems sending texts (SMS), but get delayed texts.  If I shut off WiFi, bam! , I get the text.  Does T-Mobile send text over WiFi even if WiFi calling is off?  Could it be I disabled IPv6 on my home internet?  I will try to do more tests.


Hi Chris, I already went through this exercise with the engineers and what not, they did whatever they had to do but problem is still happening.

Once I send a message then all the missing messages arrive. This is so intermittent. The problem is that you never know if its happening and you can be missing VERY important incoming communications.

Same issues here. T-Mobile should be embarrassed that the problem has gone on this long with no solution  

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Hey folks! With this issue being on the network side, we will need to speak with you over the phone to collect examples from you to escalate to our engineers. Please contact us if you are still having issues.


I'm  having the same exact issues  text with  wifi on  takes forever to send or I get a failed to send message all started after the last update. Also the cursor likes to jump to the beginning of the message mid text. Text messages with my work are time sensitive! I'm honestly thinking of leaving TMobile over this issue. fix this tmobile.

Just switched to T-mobile from Walmart. I never ever had any problems with walmart, but this is a reoccurring issue with T-mobile. It can take up to an hour to get texts, if I get them at all. This makes time sensitive logins and things that use temp text code to complete problematic.I also have random calling issues where I am connected to wifi; people are being sent to my voicemail, and I just simply receive a missed call notification.

When I spoke to T-Mobile about several of these issues I was told by the rep and let me quote here "Maybe T-Mobile is not the right network for you."

This issue everybody has mentioned is the same I've been having for about a year. I thought all along (it's an old phone) it was my S4. "SGH-T999L" The software version is 4.3 (the best for my phone right now) ... To receive text messages, I literally have to turn off my wi-fi or go out of range (which will automatically disconnect me from wi-fi) I'll give an example here. My bank will automatically send me a text when ever my bank account has a transaction over a certain amount. Deposit or Withdrawal. Since I know I just had a deposit & I am at home, connected to my wi-fi, I know I'll be getting a text but in order to get that text I have to turn off my wi-fi. Now, if I go somewhere which takes me out of range and off my wi-fi, I will immediately get those texts. (We've experimented with this issue by going out of range or having somebody sitting 10 feet from me, texting me) Only after I turn off wi-fi do I receive texts. The problem is possibly my phone, software version, the provider, or Google intercepting my texts, what ever, but it is a problem and getting very annoying. (btw: I don't download apps & only update what was on my phone when it was brand new) Any way, I haven't been able to fix the issue & hope this info helps.

My phone just started doing this last week. What kind of phone company lets this sort of known issue persist for so long. I have changed nothing. The phone just stopped sending my texts. Now  I must turn off wifi to get the phone to send a text. I have a moto g5+. Wifi works well with other devices. I am looking forward to my family coming back from  a trip see if their tmobile  phones have the same problem. My son's phone is on another carrier and it sends  texts over my wifi with no problem. Maybe i need to switch carriers.

Same here, for quite a while with multiple devices. Weird thing is on my home wifi it's fine. But at our vacation rental house on wifi texting images simply won't work. They always get stuck sending and then fail. Super frustrating and I doubt it's a phone issue or an individual  account issue since so many people are reporting it.

This might help someone. My issues are sorted out now but when I had problems missing and sending text pinning the text app to homescreen fixed it. Idk why but it worked. Worth a try. Just hit the pin icon in the upper right of your text app. Was a life saver for me about a year ago. Works now tho. Btw I've got an issue i just noticed that could be related. Whenever i dont have cell service, or i have mobile data turned off, pictures don't go through wifi at all. Seems its a symptom of a bigger picture here though

We recently switched from Verizon and brought our Samsung devices, S6, S7, S8 & S9. We are experiencing the same problem, and interestingly enough it seems it a very common problem that's gone back at least to the beginning of this post. Below are my APN settings, anything look like it can be tweaked to fix my issue? Also, I have the "always keep mobile data activated" in the advanced menu.

Same thing happening to me since all my T-Mobile phones for the last few years. Is this fixed yet???


This texting during WIFI problem is still going on????  My spouse and I left TMobile over a year ago, due to this problem, while using new phones.

Even by escalating this problem 3 times, it was never solved

Our one year commitment is now up with another carrier and thought I might re-try TMobile.....

Seems I better not....

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Hey folks! I see some people are still trickling into this thread that are having similar/same issues. For this specific issue, it is 100% network related and we will need to speak with you over the phone to gather specific examples of these failures so that our engineering teams can further investigate.

Please call us when you have a moment so we can get this info from you securely.

I've been on T-Mobile for a year, haven't changed phones,, haven't moved  nothing has changed.  This started happening with me a week ago.  After turning off my wifi, my texts started sending and receiving immediately but what a pain to have to turn wifi off every time I want to text.

Same here, various WiFi (so not router or internet company) and various phones. Been going on for at least 3 years.

That is turned on by default.

Don't hate the phone, hate the servicer.

Mine has been this way since I've had service through T-Mobile.

I don't think it's account specific when it seems to be an issue for a lot of people. If it is account specific they need to have wifi texting enabled on all accounts when signing up and to current accounts.

I've always had this problem on T-Mobile networks. I have very bad reception at work, and I'm able to receive calls just fine on their free Wifi. When trying to send/receive text messages, I get network error messages. I thought it was just me. This problem only seems to occur while I'm at work. Though to be fair I have the smart setting enabled that when I'm at work to turn on Wifi and when at home to turn on data. I find the data has a better reception and is a lot more reliable.

Question to tmobile - i saw the comment saying this was account specific, but have you found any common cause?  Texting over wifi was working fine in my office until a few weeks ago. Now it frequently shows 'sending' before it fails.  I have to try a couple of times to get the messages to go through.  My phone is a galaxy s7 that I have had for 3 years and it was purchased from tmobile.  The cell service is my office is unreliable so I depend on wifi for calling and texting.   

My husband and I are having the same exact issues the wifi takes forever to send or I get a failed to send message all started after the last update. Also the cursor likes to jump to the beginning of the message mid text. Super annoying and inconvenient. Please fix this tmobile.


I have "Keep mobile data turned on" selected in Developer Options, and that didn't help either. This is definitely a T-Mobile issue.