You are not allowed to make calls at this time

  • 26 August 2018
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The only thing I could think of would be if you had Family Allowances on the account WITH the Netflix feature.  I'd definitely have the Netflix removed and check your add-ons via the website.

Yes, they open a trouble ticket it will take 3 business days for teams to

review .I couldn't stay without phone that long so I went to my local

Tmobile store . A call made by Tmobile store rep find Netflix family wallet

is doing the bug

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Hmm... Did your Tech Expert file a trouble ticket?  You may want to reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter, I've had some pretty complicated issues before and they were able to sort everything out.

Maybe, but wasn't able to make phone calls or text with a new sim card

installed by Tmobile store. A phone to tech support find Netflix problem.

Disabled Netflix phone works, add free Netflix again phone stop working.

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So odd! Normally there isn't a problem when Netflix is re-added! You may want to reach out for a new SIM like recommended above?

Well, had the same problem "You are not able to make calls at this time.  always allowed numbers can be reached the fix was a bug in THE FREE NETFLIX

the family wallet in Netflix once they canceled Netflix account I was able to make phone calls, they try to put Netflix back I couldn't make phone calls.

Th h

Thank you for this!  T-Force and the reps at my local store couldn't figure out what was wrong, but your advice fixed the issue. 😊

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Not many camels where I come from. Nor train stations.

No but seriously, the problem was the SIM card.

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Customized Applications for Mobile networks Enhanced Logic - Wikipedia

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Care to explain exactly what that means?

Call 611 and ask them to check your CAMEL settings in Grand Central. Should be set to None.

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Gosh, I'm sorry you had to go through such a debacle! I'm really glad you had a spare SIM to quickly resolve the issue .

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SIM card failed on me.  Had a few backup SIM cards. Problem solved.

Could have been an account error or SIM number issue, but replacing the SIM with a new or reactivated card fixed it.

I'm on an old T-Mobile one promo plan and there was no reason for any family allowances or restrictions on either line.  since everything worked yesterday and did not today and no account changes were made it stood to reason that the SIM card was the issue.

however that does bring me to the subject of T-Mobile team of experts and the lack of knowledge thereof.

my area is serviced by a 40-person team 3 hours away where only two of them work on the chatline weekly. I have had The Misfortune three times to get the same person who knows nothing of TMobile. Unfortunately in this case you cannot just request another team member.

I will say I was not bounced around however I did need to be bounced around considering the representative I was working with had no idea what I was talking about.

Luckily I was savy enough to call in to 611 to have another sim card reactivated by number. Of course it was like a goat rope and trying to get the representative to understand what I was doing and why I was requesting it. However in the long run I figured it out and eventually they did what I asked them to do.

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Hey there! Do you happen to have the Netflix on Us active on your account?  It comes with Family Allowances and can sometimes (for lack of a better term) glitch and cause an error with calls as though you have numbers blocked.  The solution that I've found has been to reach out to care (either by 611, Message Us, or T-Force) and have them remove the feature, reboot your phone, add the feature back, reboot again.  Everything should work fine after that! 😀