can i unlock my phone for free?

  • 26 August 2023
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I bought a used samsung s10+ and i want to know if i can unlock it for free since im in a foreign place and short from money (im not from usa) and i need a phone number and internet since sometimes there isnt free wifi and its dangerous.

Would appreciate it a lot if someone can tell me if i can unlock it for free, i supposedly checked the imei and it didnt say anything wrong but i have nevet sed any plan from t mobile so i dont know

3 replies


Also i have the option to network unlock in connections but when i press it it dissapears for some reason and it doesnt come back until i restart my phone


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Tmobile only unlocks phones they sell and for Tmobile USA customers who meet the requirements in the link below.


yes you can. imei unlock app. no requirements for your phone.

after app permissions you can view that your phone is unlocked where your settings are.


oh. tmobile will still say you are not unlock. because they are