how to I get past the reps lying to me and get my phone unlocked?

  • 25 January 2024
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The last t mobile rep said it may take apple 24 - 48 hours to unlock the phone


on top of they 48 hours it has taken tmobile… 

who initially told me “it’s unlocked” 


I’ve learned, apple has nothing to do with it 


running me around in circles is NOT adding anything beneficial to my opinion of tmobile 

poor reception, can happen with a company but they lied about the “three towers in your area”

two of them old, one out of service


the prevarications and the generally thoughtlessness

reminding me of the run around I had with the glitchy new phone

tmobile want to make sure I NEVER consider them again? 





3 replies

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Once you make the unlock request, Tmobile needs to request the code from Apple and may take up to 72 hours for the unlock code..

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in other words Apple has quite a bit to do with pointed out above..Android phones dont need a special code to be kicked out from anyone..


but either way in the end if it didnt pass either TMOs requirements or Apples it wont be unlocked.

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Your account amd device must meet all of the SIM Unlock Policy requirements before your device can have an unlock request processed.

As mentioned above.  T-Mobile submits the request to Apple in the case of iPhone's.  This significantly lengthens the process tuen around, if your account and device meet all of the SIM Unlock Policy requirements.  3 weeks or more is not uncommon.  Make sure you have your active T-Mobile SIM in the device and are connected to the T-Mobile USA network.  Not roaming and not over WiFi.