Locked mobile even though fully paid for it by T-Mobile

  • 22 January 2024
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Hey T-Mobile community! 📱 I recently purchased an iPhone 12 Pro from Target, thinking it was unlocked. Turns out, it's locked by T-Mobile even though I fully paid for it. Target suggested reaching out to T-Mobile, but after a live chat, it seems they can't assist. 

I'm puzzled because my friend had a similar issue with AT&T, and they unlocked his phone swiftly through a simple online request. Can't T-Mobile check the payment status and unlock it using the IMEI? I'd appreciate any guidance or support on this matter. Let's make sure everyone can fully enjoy their phones hassle-free! 🤝 #UnlockMyiPhone #TMobileHelp


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3 replies

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Whenever you buy an iPhone from a 3rd party reseller like Target the phone is sold as “unlocked” but actually locks to the first sum inserted in the phone. This is an Apple policy.


Does that mean that this can be unlocked by apple?

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Nope, you need to meet the unlock requirements of the first Sim card inserted, this case Tmobile.

Apple will tell you they don't unlock phones but this do this 3rd party releller flex policy.