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Need to unlock a device? Here's some information to get you started.

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best for all of us to write to representatives and consumer protection 

if the t-mob gets away with this, other companies will do the same


the last t-mob rep I spoke to even said, that, “you will get the same from every company”

not true, this is the first time a company lied about unlocking the phone 


now, have to wait 35 days for the refund on my “cell spot” months of complaining about BAD connections before they suggested the cell spot, it did NOTHING because the problem was our one local 5g tower doesn’t work… does it really exist? 

I bet I’m going to have to fight for my refund… and, I was told I would not be charged for going over the payment period because they continue to not unlock the phone, something the last supervisors slipped up and admitted on speaker to all the workers and shoppers in the att store, he knew the phone was still locked, people listening turned and said “AH HAH!”

but, they charged me anyway 

awful company of scam artists

ripping off seniors like myself 




The magic of cell phones is that they are our companion wherever we go. They connect us to friends and family, work, entertainment, and everything in between. Cell phones have also been a convenient place for us to store our treasures like pictures and music. Changing phones can be a headache, which is why unlocking our devices is so important if we are traveling to other countries or changing wireless providers.

Let's take a look at the requirements and processes for unlocking your phone.

Eligibility requirements

To network unlock your device, you must first meet certain eligibility requirements. Some of the requirements are different based on your account type, but some things don't change. The device must be sold by T-Mobile. It mustn't be reported as lost, stolen, or broken. The account associated to the device must be in good standing. T-Mobile may need proof of purchase or some additional information, but most of the time the unlock process is seamless and easy.

If you are on a postpaid account, the unlock requirements are pretty straightforward. Make sure the device is paid off and it was used on your account for a minimum of 40 days. How easy is that?! :D

If you have a prepaid plan, your device will be eligible for unlock 365 days after the day it was initially activated on the account. One year can be a very long time to wait, but don't fret — there's another option available. Prepaid accounts that activated the device at least 14 days ago and placed $100 in refills per line are also eligible for unlock. Each line can only have two unlocks per year, though, so keep that in mind if you are trying to unlock a third device on the same phone number.

Process to unlock

So how does the unlock happen? As soon as your device is eligible, you will receive a text message notification letting you know that you can go through the unlock process. It only takes a couple of minutes as long as you are connected to the T-Mobile data network or reliable Wi-Fi.

Android devices are diverse, so the exact steps vary. Basically, you can go into settings and then to Network, Connections, or About Phone. You want to find the option for Network Unlock or Device Unlock. Finally, select Permanent Unlock and let it load. It may restart itself, but if it doesn't, you'll want to restart the phone and then you are ready to roll.

If you use iPhone, you just insert the new SIM card and restart the phone. You can also follow the normal steps to activate the eSIM with the other service provider like normal. Easy peasy!

To sum it up

I love that we have reduced the effort that it takes to unlock devices by sending notifications proactively when the eligibility requirements are met and empowered device owners with the ability to complete the steps easily right from the phone. It saves so much time because there is no need to contact customer support or wait for a ticket to be filed to gain approval.

I hope this helps answer any questions about our unlock process. You can find more information about our unlocking devices on our Support page. I would love to hear any thoughts or other questions that y’all have about unlocking devicesانا من اليمن ولدي جهاز 7T ولم استطع فتح قفله اشتريت هذا الهاتف من احد الاصدقاء ماذا افعل 

اود احد يساعدني ويرد  علي على حسابي في وتساب   وهذا رقم هتفي +967770039244


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اود احد يساعدني ويرد  علي على حسابي في وتساب   وهذا رقم هتفي +انا من اليمن ولدي جهاز 7T ولم استطع فتح قفله اشتريت هذا الهاتف من احد الاصدقاء ماذا افعل  967770039244


Hey there @Wwedsfs, The Community is primarily a peer-to-peer platform, and no one here has access to account information. You can message T-Mobile on Facebook or X and they should be able to verify your account and help you unlock your device.