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  • 6 February 2024
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I bought the iPhone 8 plus at T-Mobile 6 years ago, and I paid for it in full 4 years ago, right now I buy a new one and the old one, the 8 plus has to be unlocked to use it in another country. 3 years ago I go to Best Buy to replace the battery and the phone was damaged in the process, Best Buy order a new one of the same model from Apple and I continue using it with the same SIM card (T-Mobile) until September/2023.

After several calls to T-Mobile and waiting for the unlock, the conclusion is that the carrier (t-mobile) has locked the phone, but t-mobile did not sell it because it was a replacement. and I can't find a way to unlock it.

Carrier: T-Mobile 54.1.1

Carrier lock: SIM locked

IMEI: 358629094743881


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9 replies

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Welcome to Apple terrible Reseller Flex policy. 

You need to have the receipt or the work order with the new IMEI on it and then Talk to Tier 2 support on Facebook or Twitter(X). They will check the work order and if everything checks out they'll add the IMEI in the system then put in the unlock request for that IMEI. 


Apple doesn't give all IMEIs to carriers they have their resellers sell because it locks to the first sim that is put into it. Since they are not in the database carriers don't have a way to unlock request those devices. Also they can't just add them without verifying them as it could lead to high liability of theft and fraud.




The “tier 2 support” would be through t-mobile or apple? I’m assuming apple?

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T-Mobile. Should be T-Mobile Help and they are verified. They'll contact the right people at Apple to get the IMEI verified and they'll put it into the system when that's complete


the las time i put the manager of greek squad  best buy on the  phone with t-mobile support and today more than 2 months nothing…

i think the only solution is to make a oficial complaint 

you know the steps to make a complaint?

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They don't matter. It's what Apple says based on their policies. Geek squad employees don't have the authorization.  You need to get ahold of the right person in Apple and T-Mobile Tier 2 support will talk to the right person. 

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This is the link to the policy. Carriers don't get the IMEI for these in their database of IMEIs and can't unlock them because how apple does their unlock policies. For security reasons Carriers will not put IMEI not given to them by the right departments from the respective manufacturers that are locked to them. Once they get it verified they will put it into the system then request an unlock for that IMEI. Apple gets it sends a token to that IMEI then it gets unlocked. 


I have said this for a long time. This is the WORSE policy Apple has. They should be sold as unlocked and should never lock. We get people buying unlocked got resellers only for them to lock to their carrier and have to jump through hoops.,a%20specific%20US%20cell%20carrier.


Thank you so much. I will check the account right away.
Jerjustin - 9:05 AM

It shows here that we do not have the option to unlock this phone.
Jerjustin - 9:13 AM
yes you have
you need to summit the IMEI number to Apple in order to include in T_Mobile database
for mor information go to:
as you can see i have made multiples calls to T-Mobile iin order to resolve this issue.
is ridiculous that at this moment i was unable to use my phone i another country or carrier
Me - 9:15 AM

I really apologize but our hands are tied and we have no resources here to do that.
Jerjustin - 9:16 AM
yes you have please read the lconversation in the link i send to you,a%20specific%20US%20cell%20carrier .
Me - 9:17 AM

We have exhausted our options here and was not able to get it unlocked
Jerjustin - 9:17 AM
you need to summit the IMEI number to Apple in order to include in T_Mobile database
if T-Mobile is unable to unlock a phone that is Locked to T-Mobile then T-Mobile need to send me a phne same model unlocked
Me - 9:19 AM

I understand that and I can raise this request here for you but I will not be able to guarantee yet that it will be unlocked
Jerjustin - 9:20 AM
my phone is pay in full 4 years ago, i have the right to get the phone unlocked is the law.
Me - 9:21 AM

Right, but the issue is it was replaced. Again, we will submit this for you and then you'll receive an email regarding the unlock request.
Jerjustin - 9:23 AM
if T-Mobile cannot unlock the device then T-Mobile need to send me a replacement device same model unlocked.
and the issue is that after i insert the T-Mobile SIM card in that replacement device the device is locked automatically, that is wrong because the phone is paid in full at the moment of the replacement.
i need you send to me copy of this chat by email please,
9:28 AM
Me - 9:28 AM

Thank you for that.
Jerjustin - 9:28 AM


Is frustrating :-(

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Do what I told you. You did everything else but what you have to do. You talked to the wrong people.