TMobile scam to give free device

  • 23 June 2023
  • 1 reply


Be careful with very unethical practice by Tmobile to give you free device and they will tell you it is free and will start charging you a service fee. Anyone have the same issues? When I was at the stores they did this to several customers. I should know better. I’ve been with Tmobile for a long time, after this bad experience, I can’t trust Tmobile anymore. Maybe time to switch to a different company or find customers with similar issues and ask a lawyer to sue this company. It is not about the monthly fee, but it is about big corporation just get a way with unethical business practice by scamming customer.

1 reply

We should get everyone that has been scammed by T-Mobile and do a lawsuit!!!! I have been reading a lot of people on her that has been scammed by being told they were getting something free and then being charged for it! I am one of those people and am tired of fighting to get what is owed to me!!