TMobile scam to give free device

  • 23 June 2023
  • 4 replies


Be careful with very unethical practice by Tmobile to give you free device and they will tell you it is free and will start charging you a service fee. Anyone have the same issues? When I was at the stores they did this to several customers. I should know better. I’ve been with Tmobile for a long time, after this bad experience, I can’t trust Tmobile anymore. Maybe time to switch to a different company or find customers with similar issues and ask a lawyer to sue this company. It is not about the monthly fee, but it is about big corporation just get a way with unethical business practice by scamming customer.

4 replies

We should get everyone that has been scammed by T-Mobile and do a lawsuit!!!! I have been reading a lot of people on her that has been scammed by being told they were getting something free and then being charged for it! I am one of those people and am tired of fighting to get what is owed to me!!

I added a service and the guy - freaking Chad  said my service will be only $10 per line and get free line and a buy one get 1 free promotion ,

he went behind my back changed my service from 120$ to  232/50 and there was no deal until i go my bill 10 days later <«

scammer i will never use your service again

i got magenta plan with one i14 phone free if you pay for one. every bill cycle new charges and i lost one phone right away in a accident. they never let me change the plan the reflect that and though it’ no CONTRACT it’s just as BAD because they won’t let me pay off the account early and go with a company with better deal per line, i pay 150 Magenta for 2 lines!!!! they want me to stay paying for 18 months instead of pay it off. they gave no grievances and in fact are. EVIL company  

I am currently working with a lawyer for this same exact issue. I was told I was getting a free iPhone 14 because I was signing up for a second line. Now they are charging me full price for the phone and say that there was never a promotion for a free iPhone. They have the conversation recorded as do I. I recommend anyone that was lied to do the same. It is always best practice to buy over the phone and record the conversation so that you actually have the proof you need to take them to court. Best of luck to everyone who ends up doing business with the terrible company.