Anyone else notice signal degradation with the new devices?

  • 26 October 2023
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I’ve been a home internet customer for about 3 years now. We had the original device which was a smaller, gray, rectangular box. It worked wonderfully in the remote area where we had the device. We often had several friends at the house, working, on video calls, music streaming, never an issue. T-Mobile after ‘upgrading’ things in the area informed us we needed to get one of the new, Nokia devices (black/gray cylindrical tower device) and now our internet is near unusable. Nothing else has changed here at our home. The device is in the same area as the last one, no changes to the house, no changes to anything at any of the other properties in the area. It’s bad enough that I now find myself just connecting to my phone’s hotspot through LTE and it works superior to the home device. 


I was told it’s because the new device is defective (we’ll see when it arrives) but I’m not convinced. Anyone else notice similar issues? 

2 replies


I never had any of the other devices but I've had the nokia silver one from day one and I've had issues with it from the get-go at night I give a decent internet speed but as soon as daytime hits it falls through the floor and give me maybe five megs now I'm wondering if I can send this back and have them send me one of the other gateway cuz I do not like this one plus it's hot all the time


For what is worth, I installed the new Nokia one I was sent and no change in coverage. We’re likely going to cancel service and switch to starlink as we’ve hears good things from other people using it in the area. It’s really a shame Tmobile decided to switch to such a low quality router. To be getting better service through a LTE hot spot compared to the new 5G router we forced to switch to is a bummer.