Can't reconnect to T-Mobile Gateway but I am connected to the wifi?

  • 5 September 2022
  • 1 reply


Hello! For the last week, I have not been able to connect to the T-mobile gateway. I keep trying on the app and it keeps saying setup device or log in if already set up. Well, I have been set up for several months so I click to log in. When I do that, I get that I need to reconnect to the TMOBILE wifi which I am already connected to.

In short, my devices can connect to the T-Mobile wifi and surf the net but I can’t access the gateway.

1 reply

I just bought a T-Mobile gateway this evening, and I think I too am having this problem. I'm connected to the WiFi obviously, in the list of WiFi networks it has my house's old crappy one *saved*, and I am not connected to it. Then my new T-Mobile renamed one (not allowing spaces... Wtf?) Is listed under it, and each time I click it it asks for password, I try to connect but nothing happens, it also does not *save*, meaning I have to put the password in each time. But I'm still most definitely connected to a WiFi, full signal, no problems. Just perplexed why it won't confirm itself as *connected* and saved to my preferred networks. Not afraid of tinkering and looking for secret hidden settings... This is just the first time I've actually had my *own* WiFi router since I usually can connect to someone else's. Would like an explanation of why it's like this.