Is anyone else having problems with a changing IP address?

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I’ve had the Home Internet service for 3 months now and I’m generally happy with it, but one thing is rather annoying. The external IP address that gets assigned to my gateway keeps changing. This has two side effects. Web sites for CCs, banks, etc remember the IP address that you last used to connect and if it changes, they will require additional verification. The other problem is with streaming TV services. The local broadcasts that I’m allowed to watch will depend on where they think that I’m located. My estimated location usually depends on my IP address and in the last month this has changed 4 times! My IP address location has changed from Kansas to Oklahoma, to Texas and today it thinks I’m on Ohio!

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I have been reading through these posts and see it has been 2 years with this problem. I switched to T-Mobile home internet a little over a year ago and at the same time got sling TV. The local channel issue has only recently become a problem with the ever-changing IP address. 

Prior to T-Mobile home internet, I had spectrum and I will say that I have only lost service twice in over a year due to power outages with T-Mobile. However, spectrum consistently went out several times a week even if it was only for 10 to 15 minutes and nightly the cable would go out for 20 minutes to a half hour after midnight, supposedly to update. Also they did have a good price at first, but it's skyrocketed after the first year. 

There are several internet providers out there, and maybe it is time to start shopping for something that would be compatible with Sling TV. I say that because for a streaming TV service, Sling TV has the best prices for what they offer and unlike cable, I don't pay for channels that I don't watch.

While T-Mobile home internet is basically a good service for a good price. Unfortunately, the IP issue could be their downfall.

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yeah if im remembering right any home net that is sent/received via a tower wont have a static IP address..pretty sure its the same for starlink. ATT is via cable so you’ll have a static IP there..ditto with Comcast...

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Not only is my IP address changing frequently but my mac address is now changing as well! I too had a third party router set up to take the load off of my Sagemcon and all of a sudden it is not running as a stand alone router anymore. Also, the Sagemcon shows all devices as being connected even though they no longer are. Reset doesn't take any off the connected list either. Anyone else experiencing these problems?