TM Modem/Linksys Router Confusion

  • 21 September 2022
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Hi All,

I’ve run a Linksys EA9300 router off of my T-Mobile NOK 5G21 modem/gateway without issue for over a year now since switching to TM Home Internet. I noticed several days ago that the Internet Connection status indicator light on my router is now consistently illuminated. This light is supposed to be indicating that the router cannot access the internet and never remained lit before.

That said, I have no issue with internet access on any device; all can successfully connect to the router network (and modem network for that matter) -- to wit, the laptop I’m submitting this query on right now is on the Linksys network which feeds off of the TM modem signal.

I’m not a network guy but I’m guessing there is some sort of confusion here and that I might be able to resolve via a settings tweak on either the gateway and/or router? Anyone have any ideas (besides ignoring since ultimately everything is working haha)? Thanks.

To note, I’ve already tried rebooting and factory resetting both devices and am still encountering the issue.

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