TP Link Deco Mesh S4

  • 18 March 2023
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I just got the 5G Gateway. I’m trying to set it up with the tp link  S4.  The video I’m going by is from JackNtheXbox on Youtube from April 26, 2022.  He starts by entering the IP address on the bottom of the gateway and logging in as an admin.  When I do that it doesn’t show the control options that he shows.  His shows an Overview tab and under that a Network drop down box he uses to change settings.  The changes he makes are supposed to allow the gateway, tp link and connected devices to better communicate and also provide a better gaming experience.  I’m not tech savy, but that in a nutshell is my goal.  To optimize my network to be faster and more seamless in the way it operates.  Can someone point me to a youtube video that would help?  Thanks.

3 replies

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Hi @kcampbell ,

What TMO 5G Gateway do you have?


Henry51 The one with the lcd display. The model number is KVD21. 

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You have an Arcadyan KVD21 5G gateway, the one T-Mobile is currently supplying to most T-Mobile Home Internet (TMHI) subscribers.

So it sounds like you're just trying to set-up your gateway for the first time. You should be using the TMHI app for setup. What you're watching on YouTube is most likely out-of-date.

There is very little you can do to configure the KVD21. It's actually designed to be pretty much plug-’n-play. If I were you, I'd start by noting my current SSID (WiFi name) and password so you can replicate it on the new gateway. That way your devices will log back on to your new network seamlessly.

For current videos and installation instructions, go to and it will walk you through how to set-up your new gateway. It is pretty simple.

I would caution you about one thing: gaming. A lot of users have problems with on-line gaming sites due to the limitations of the gateway. Just be aware that it could be a problem.

But first things first. Watch the videos and get your new network set-up.

Good luck!