Turn off WiFi on T-Mobile Home Gateway

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I wrote a simple Python script to automate the method described in the NaterTater video, above.

See here:

Thanks! How do I use this on Mac?

This looks like it’s running some customized version of OpenWRT.  As a result people have found some common things that are exposed easily with curl.

Here is a good source on it.  In fact this gentlemen has done some pretty exhaustive testing across all the available cellular home internet services available in the US.


Using the T-Mobile Home Internet 5G Arcadyan KVD21, you can turn off wifi. Only way I know to do this is from using curl.exe, then importing settings from a file you create. I’ve done this via Windows 11 PowerShell. This can be complicated for some folks to do. I’d suggest an Internet search for the exact syntax and such you’d need to figure out. You’ll need to know about tokens, admin, password, network name, etc. to pass with curl.exe to disable. You’ll find sample scripts you can use as templates to help figure out.

Have you actually done that with this model router? 


I just did a right now.  Curl commands, you need to grab a token, pull down a config, change the config and curl the config back up.  :)

Use this: 



If you’re comfy with command line, it’s a no brainer.  I have verified with my Unifi AP’s, an iPhone, a Droid, an old MacBookPro Retina and a M1 14” MacBook.  WiFi radios are off!



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On the Nokia gateway, the closest option is to turn the transmission power for each SSID down to 12%. That's as close to off as you can get.  RTFM. 


No. The default WiFi network cannot be deleted. You can hide it, but it still broadcasts. 

This from TMOBILE:   Seems the newest gateway/modem will not allow wifi to be shut off: CRAZY! 

I just had them send me the Nokia to replace the Arcadyan even though it is an older unit.  I’ll see what happens and let everyone know.  

Can I connect a third-party router?

Third party routers can be connected to a T-Mobile Gateway using the ethernet port. You will see a Wi-Fi network broadcast by both the gateway and the third-party router.