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I need some qualified help. I have called support three times on my question and have gotten three different answers. Here is my situation.


1) I have an  Alcatel flip phone (Model 4052W w/ KaiOS 2.5.2), a $40/month for 2 lines plan with unlimited talk and text, unlimited texting abroad in 215+ countries. I have NO data plan or internet access.

2) I will be traveling to Ireland later this month and want to be able to send and receive calls and text from the U.S.

3) From my support conversations, I may be charged $3/call & $1/text or $0.25/call & free texts if I sign up for a $50 plan or it depends on if I have roaming turned on. I am confused and no longer trust what’s told me on the phone.


What do I need to do to have $0.25/call and free text. If this already included in my plan if I simply turn on roaming? Are there other potential costs involved with turning on roaming?

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