• 21 September 2022
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How can I retrieve my 2 lines from a prepaid plan after t mobile disconnected them without any apparent reason.

My wife opened a two line account and we wanted to transfer these lines to our new account. how do I retrieve those lines


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5 replies

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Did those lines go without an active plan for 60 days or longer?   If so, those numbers have more than likely already been reassigned to other customers.

No just cut off yesterday

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Try reaching out to Customer Care or the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter to see if they can help you get that reactivated then.

T mobile Customer care?

I don’t participate in neither Facebook or twitter

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Yes.  You can call 611 from a device even if the T-Mobile SIM in it isn’t active and get Customer Care.  Otherwise, you can call 1-800-937-8997 to reach T-Mobile Customer Care.