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  • 6 October 2023
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I have 3 lines and I am being told my bill is gonna be 241 when I done the math and it should be 170-167 why a I being charged so much


Not to mention I have 20 off with auto pay if that’s the case will my whole bill be like this or is this a one time thing because  200 is really a lot  especially for 3 lines

3 replies

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If you are new to T-Mobile.  The first bill usually has additional charges, like activation fees as one example.  You can give Customer Care a call at 611 from your T-Mobile llne or reach out to the T-Force Team by sending a DM to T-Mobile on Facebook or Twitter to get an explanation of all of the charges on your bill.  

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Nobody wants to play around with their money and we don’t want anyone to feel like they don’t know what they're paying for. We do offer a bill overview, PDF summary bill, and PDF detailed bill on your account. You can login and check out the all the details about what you are paying for. If you see a charge that you are not sure about, you can share with us here to see if we can explain what it is. 

For the autopay discount, you want to make sure that you are using a debit card or bank account to receive that discount. The discount will not apply if you are using a credit card. 

I had to call a few times the past few months to see what's happening with my bill. Things i never worried about all of a sudden cost $200 just to look at. They're not even nickel and diming me, straight up hundreds of dollars at once. I have an inkling the C suite want more revenue per share at all costs. They're soon to lose 4 accounts due to T-Mobile having become the other two in every way. It was nice for quite long though.