Possible scam

  • 13 October 2020
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I received these survey questions earlier today at 3:43 PM because I had just set up a payment plan for my account. 

T-Mobile Free Msg: How did we do when you spoke with us on Oct 12? To opt out of the survey reply STOP. Survey information will be stored - t-mo.co/Privacy


How likely are you to recommend T-Mobile to a friend, on a scale between 0-10 where 0 = Not at all Likely and 10 = Extremely Likely?


It was from “1112” which is a number that I recognized from prior survey questions.

I then received this message at 4:11 PM


EMERGENCY ALERT: DO NOT respond to T-MOBILE, AT&T and Verizon SURVEYS. Message contains virus that may obtain your personal details that can be used in fraudulent activities. You may report any surveys that you received at www . usa . gov #3205829 advisory from Department of Homeland Security

It was from (513) 399-8561 which is a number I don’t recognize. I’m not sure, but I believe the second one is the scam. Thoughts?

3 replies

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Just call them back and talk shit to them, most of these scammers cant handle being made fun of haha. Also spam them back, just keep calling and texting over and over. They get angry and block you. I remeber one guy was like quit spamming me I am trying to work, I am like yeah scamming people isnt work downsyndrome boy, I spam called him about 10 times and he blocked me. So i got another number and spammed him again, and again. He disconnected the number haha.


I dont get any spam calls any more, it use to be fun making fun of them and spamming them back haha. Make sure you call then worthless scum, that are so evil and shitter they cant even figure out how to make money with out trying to scam people. If every one did that, there wouldnt be any scammers any more haha.


No one picked up on that number you showed, and thier anwsering machine is just random garbage, so i dono. All i can say is if some one texts me, or calls me that are scammers, I spam them back. 


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First is standard T-Mobile message. Second is some sort of scam.