Congratulations to gramps28's 2,000 Point Accomplishment

  • 23 April 2020
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I'm not exactly sure all of what goes into the points levels, but @gramps28 has reached the 2,000 point milestone for their contributions to helping T-Mobile customers and forum visitors. Congratulations and keep up the superb Magenta awesomeness, gramps28!

3 replies

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Time for a new board.😜

It seems like the board always changes when some hits that mark.

I think @smplyunprdctble​ hit that mark on the last board then we migrated to this one but

thanks. I've had a lot of time off in the last 3 years with being immobile for a few months and stuck at home then moving out

of state with no job in tow a couple of years later.

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I haven't had any time the past few years to troll... I mean help folks here.  I feel like I've gotten so far away from the community here.

Congrats, @gramps28

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you can only like the comments in a thread but not the thread itself? or am i missing something in here?