5G Tower down???

  • 20 September 2022
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A couple days ago i got an external antenna and had it pointing to the closest tower which was towards North West but idk whats going on now because its telling me to point South West. Internet is a little slower than usual, my SINR is poor now and when i want to try a speed test on the same test server as before it says "test failed to complete, please check your connection and try again". Maybe they're working on that 5G tower and is temporarily switching me to another one but its frustrating.

4 replies

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always possible. but are you positive the tower you pointed it at in the North West direction is in fact a TMO tower?


When i go to the t mobile home internet app and press the placement assistance to show me where the signal is coming from it points towards north west but today it didnt, idk how to tell if thats actually a tmo tower or not tho thats just usually where it tells me to point at

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it might be just pulling whichever signal is the strongest then pointing that direction. i know there are a few apps out there that’ll pinpoint what tower you are connecting to but you would need to use a phone to do this. signalcheck was one of said apps if im remembering right (havent used it in a while).

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It can depend on what service is coming from the tower(s).

Eg.  T-Mobile home app pointed me to what was the closest tower (~1200’), but T-Mobile’s device picks up 5G n71 from the other side of my house from a tower +1 mile away.  Closest site is 4G LTE only, but T-Mobile’s placement app was correct.