cant get replacement

  • 11 August 2022
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I bought a new Tmobile branded 5g hotspot and it quit working after a month. I called and got a ticket but there is no resolution to when they will send a replacement.  all I get is “it is in process” and it has now been a full week.  I’ve been calling every day and still no resolution to getting a replacement. apparently, the device came out in june, and they already discontinued it so they have no replacement.  they just want me to purchase an upgraded inseego.  this is not acceptable!!!!

please community, please tell me how to get through to tmobile to escalate this!


2 replies

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or they just currently dont have any stock of them due to part limitations


you can try contacting TMO through either Facebook or Twitter and see if they can do any deeper digging to see what the status is and if its back ordered how much longer estimated or not.


sooo, its been 2 weeks, 14h on the phone, still no resolution.  They requested I send the unit back for repair, it will be 4-6 weeks. they say there is nothing more they can do for me so I went to verizon and got a hotspot in an hour.  f%ck you Tmobile, you are dead to me!!!! i’ll happily spend my 300/month somewhere who actually gives me service.