How do I get to Voice Mail menu, need to change language to English

  • 23 January 2018
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I read the T-Mobile instructions for accessing Voiice Mail [ hold 1} but when I key *, I do not get a menu only Spanish.


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Oh no, that stinks! I would contact T-Force via Twitter or Facebook just send them a message. They will need to get into your account and update that. Unless you know someone that can speak Spanish it needs to be changed on the back end. Hope that helps!


When you call the system, press 4, that'll bring you to Mailbox Options.

Then, press 4 again and that'll take you to Playback Options.

Lastly, you'll press 7 to change the language to English.

Try this.

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I need help changing my voice mail prompts from Spanish to English!

This should impact the prompts as well, you may not be able to understand it but attempt to change it with the steps above once the menu starts to play.

This does not work.  Neither does the other suggestion of * 4 7.  Been trying to do this for 30 minutes

Why does t-mobile change my voicemail to Spanish? 

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Hey there! So sorry for your troubles!  My belief is that there is a systematic glitch that randomly affects accounts, the same thing happened to me a while back and there was no evidence of unauthorized access to my account.

I've spoken to others with the same problem, and the fix is super easy. (If, like me, you don't speak Spanish to change it yourself)

You do have to reach out to care through 611, the Message Us link on this page, or T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.  If the have issues, direct them to Grand Central>Accounts>Voicemail, the language option is in a drop down box. 😊

Good luck!

You saved a trip to T-Mobile.... THANKS!!!!!

My voicemail is now in Spanish for some reason. Please change it back to English 



My voicemail has changed to Spanish. Please change it back.

cannot get voice mail to english.  Please help