MIFI 2000 Door Stop

  • 5 April 2022
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By no means an IT Whiz, but in 7 months, I am on my THIRD MIFI2000.  First device Had an issue requiring INSEEGO Tech support to ask T mobile to swap out under Warranty.  Second device, (refurbed) did not work (Will not connect).  Store clerk recommended A 5 G Gateway.  Terrific device for home use.  unfortunately, Tmobile will not Cancel the remaining 17 Months of payments on their Door Stop.  So swapped out for Warrantied Device number 3.  Worked in store for all of 5 minutes.  By the time i got home, no connection gain.  numerous calls to Tech support have yielded no results.  Suggesting another Warranty Swap.  Anyone know of any recourse ?  I dont mind playing the Warranty game, but at $17.00/mo and $5.50 Warranty fee, and $20.00 restocking fee i can get a Bronze Doorstop that works much better.  !


Any suggestions/Recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated.

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