unable to connect Chamberlain Liftmaster garage door opener (myQ app) to T-mobile 5G internet

  • 13 March 2023
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I have been using the T-mobile home internet for a week now. It works just fine except that my Chamberlion LiftMaster garage door opener (myQ app) cannot connect to it. I would appreciate it if anyone could suggest a solution. Thanks in advance.

4 replies

After many tries , my buddy brought over his old Orbi and it worked flawlessly! I tried TPlink Deco S4 and it was not successful after trying every possible scenario. Uggg

One Fix for the win👇

I wish TMobile would fix the solution so we wouldn’t have to buy devices to fix the solution. 

I also read in another forum that the TMobile Sagemcom 5688 works fine vs the KVD21 , in which I have the KVD21. Which gateway model do you have ?

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most things your wifi will need to connect to in a home will need a 2.4Ghz connection. if it does not see it, it wont be able to connect. are you able to see both the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz connections?

Yes. I can see 2.4 and 5 

Sadly it all worked will with the round Nokia node but the new black square node won’t connect to the liftmaster.  Tried every which way but no luck.  I moved the node close to the LM but still no go it must be a setting I can’t access on the TMobile node.  I will try a separate router plugged in and see how it goes.

I swapped this node because it is suppose to have the capability of more than one cell tower connection but cant verify this.