• 22 September 2022
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I cannot believe that I got into this mess.  These people have done nothing but lied to me.  I left AT&T after 25 years because my bill kept getting higher.  I joined 55+ plan & was told $70.00 a month. Needless to say that isn't happening.  Next month’s bill is showing $179.00.  The clerk at the store added extra warranties that I said NO to.  I was told my phones would be free.  I am paying for them even after trade in.  Last month I was told I could get a free watch because there has been so many problems.  Don’t fall for it.  They lie and cheat.  It’s called Bait & Switch.  I am warning you, DON’T fall for it.  They say no contracts.  They have other ways for them to rope you in.  I am now stuck.  I feel it’s my job to keep other people free from T mobile.  Their reps are terrible.  They are sweet as can be until you need their help.  Might as well be talking to a wall.  They don’t care or want to help.  Do yourself a favor and stay away from T mobile, nothing but trouble.

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It sounds like you were not given all the details.

  • There are very few totally free phones at T-Mobile. The vast majority work out to be “free” over 24 months. I traded in a OnePlus 7T for an 8T and got a lump sum trade in credit of $200 for my old phone. The monthly payments are $32 and change and I receive a monthly $24 and change credit leaving me owing a bit over $8 each month. When you total it all up it comes out to be $0.00 to the cent, except for sales tax which was paid up-front. It may be that you are waiting for the credit for your trade-ins.
  • You have to watch sales people. They get bonuses for selling insurance. I’d call 611 and complain and have it removed. I’d even file a complaint with the BBB or state consumer protection agency over that. The salesperson should think twice before doing it again.
  • The “free” watch is the same deal as the “free” phone. It works out to be “free” provided that you keep the watch service ($10/month) active for two years. We just bought a smart watch from Amazon without the cellular component. It connects to the network via Bluetooth.