Will the Blackview BV9000 pro work on T-Mobile's network?

  • 23 April 2018
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I was wondering if the Blackview BV9000 pro works on T-Mobile's network. I want to get it when my LG G4 dies, but I've heard that the BV9000 pro has had some issues with networks in America. Can any BV9000 pro owners or T-Mobile employees tell me whether or not the BV9000 pro will work on the network? Thanks. 😊


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3 replies

I just bought a Blackview 9800 Pro and it won’t work on T-Mobile here.

I am currently using a Blackview 9800Pro on T-Moblie in USA, and have previously had a Blackview 9700Pro on T-Mobile with no issues. I have not had a problem yet.

I love the phone as I destroyed delicate little Samsung and Apple phones almost monthly. So far the Blackview has survived being submerged, heavy rains, and multiple falls. I have not yet tried pouring it into concrete, but that has been part of the manufacturer's test demo.

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based on the specs I found, not compatible at all