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  • 25 July 2023
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I just moved my line from another T-Mobile account to this one and my data plan is not correct. I am on a grandfathered rate plan and it should come with a $0 unlimited data SOC. 


My wife’s line has it but I do not and am slowed down at 2GB’s. Please add the unlimited $0 data SOC to the line ending in 0122. My full number that I need this added on is 

2 replies

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you will need to contact TMO either through calling in (tier 1 support), visiting a store or by contacting them through one of their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter (tier 2 support).


if your wife is set up as the primary account holder (PAH) she will need to either be the one to contact TMO or have her add you on as a person that can make changes to the account/lines etc..



also stop posting personal info..fully public site and everyone and their mom now have your number. i went ahead and marked it to be edited out.


also if you go the FB/Twitter route make sure to send them a not post on their main page.

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It could be that it's a grandfathered plan and that data option is not available anymore