T-Mobile AAA Year on Us Promotion Code: Not Working for Me

  • 24 July 2023
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Anyone know the secret to get the T-mobile AAA Year on Us” promotion (one year AAA membership free) to work?   I have Magenta 55+, so appear to be eligible for the offer.  I used the link provided but clicking on it simply generated for me an error message “code invalid” (see below).  A call to the T-mobile number provided took me to their call center (Philippines) but the nice person there had no clue how to fix the problem, beyond texting me a link that when clicked generated the same error message. Frustrating!   



9 replies

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Maybe try from the actual AAA promotion page itself?



Thanks.  Yes, had tried that clicking thru from , but it leads to the same result for me:  the same error message. 


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Thanks.  Yes, had tried that clicking thru from , but it leads to the same result for me:  the same error message. 



When I type in the URL ( ), I get a slightly different message saying the code has already been redeemed.  Have you used this promotion before?  It is only good one time for a year.



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Hey there @txcamd I am curious where exactly in the process that it is messing up. I hadn’t taken advantage of the AAA offer yet so I went to and selected continue. It asked for my name and phone number and then sent me to a screen like the one you shared but it has a code similar to the one that Tomwil showed in his screenshot. Then it asked if I was a current AAA member or not. From your screenshot, it looks like it misdirected the first time it sent you through and added all of the extra text where it should have showed you just the coupon code. Can you try going back to and putting in your name and another number from your account to start over? 

If it is still giving you the same code that is not working, you can reach out to our Customer Support teams by calling or messaging us on Facebook or Twitter and they can help you with the code itself. 

Hope this helps. 


Thanks much.  Just for full transparency and if any others have had the problem, here is the full sequence I am going thru:    I go to and get the following screen. 


When I then click on “Continue”, it takes me to the log in page for T mobile


After I log in with one of our phone numbers (I’ve tried both that are on our account) and password, I land on this page




When I click on “Redeem Now” , it’s then that I land on the page below:


Thanks for the suggestion that I reach out on social media.  

The problem is not the code but when you get to AAA website and try to apply the promo code after you’ve entered your details to join the Basic member, it will spin , and spin and waii for ever and won’t go anywhere. Either the code provided by T-mobile is bad or AAA web site just won’t accept this kind of redemption.

I have the same issue, i get the 

Invalid Coupon

We're sorry. This coupon code has already been redeemed. If you need further assistance, please write down the coupon code 6 L S M 6 7 T 16LSM-67T1 and call T-Mobile at 1-800-937-8997

me too.  The same issue.

Oh my gosh, I am so frustrated. This exact same thing is happening to me. If I was able to actually get good customer service Maybe it wouldn't be happening. But we have a flood warning right now Outside my house and I can't get the Get any of the customer service agents on either the aaa number or the T-Mobile numbers to even comprehend that i never got the aaa. The aaa help line is telling me to call t mobile. T mobile line is telling me to call aaa. And yes, the lady from the Philippines kept me on the phone 2 hours. Trying to pretend like she solved my issue by straight up telling me to just smile. It was so annoying. I knew it wouldnt help but I walked into the T-Mobile store, they literally ignored me and I asked them 7 or 8 times and kept standing in line. And they just stared at me and said I'm sorry.  And we can't help you.