T-Mobile Reneged on iPhone Trade-in

  • 12 July 2023
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On April 1, 2023, I traded in an iPhone 11 for an iPhone 14.  I did this through the Apple website because there was a $400 rebate.  The Apple rebate was $180 and the T-Mobile rebate was $220, for a total of $400. The $220 was to be applied as a credit to my monthly iPhone 14 bill.  Apple paid their $180, but T-Mobile refuses to pay the $220 credit. Their initial excuse was that they did not offer that rebate program.  Then, they said that the rebate was only for business customers, so I was not eligible. Today, July 12, 2023, Apple told me that T-Mobile initially accepted the rebate, then rejected it because there were  “Missing required carrier fields”. I don’t even know what that means.  T-Mobile never told me this over the course of about 15 phone calls to them over 3 months.

This is poor customer service to a loyal customer for over 5 years.  I have referred many customers to T-Mobile over the years because of their quality of mobile service and customer service. I have spoken to several customer support people and their supervisors, but they keep saying that there is nothing that they can do to resolve this.  Without satisfaction, I will switch to another mobile vendor.,

5 replies

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what was the promo? and what was TMOs part of the promo if it was purchased from Apple?


The promo was “T-Mobile Special Trade-in Deal”. This is from the order details Apple website.

TMO’s part of the promo was $220 as stated in the Apple order details “-$220.00 T-Mobile bill credits over 24 mo. Monthly payments after bill credits, $20.80/mo. over 24 mo. at 0%”.


Below is copied from the Apple order:

Payment Summary

$719.00 financed by:


T-Mobile Equipment Installment Program

iPhone 14 Plus 128GB Purple  $899  $20.80/mo. over 24 mo. at 0% APR
-$180.00 instant trade-in credit

Total Financed via T-Mobile before bill credits $719.00

Monthly payments before bill credits  $29.96/mo. over 1-2 mo. at 0% APR

-$220.00 T-Mobile bill credits over 24 mo.

Monthly payments after bill credits  20.80/mo. over 24 mo. at 0% APR




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@tidbits  correct me if im wrong but dont the promos usually take a few billing cycles to kick in?

anywho.. you should be seeing a $9.16  credit every month for the next 24 months (drops your monthly payment from $29.96 per month to $20.80 per month). which looks to be right with what you are showing above..just needing that credit to start kicking in per month.


That is what I figured. But, when I did not get the $220 credit after 3 billing cycles, I called T-Mobile and they informed me that I will not get the credit because 1) the promotion did not exist (not true) and 2) this was a “business promotion” (also not true).

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$220 credit over 24 months=$9.16 credit per month putting your monthly bill for the phone at $20.80 per month.


$9.16 x 24 months=$220 in the end.