Can you use the Tuesdays app if you are using T-MOBILE Home Internet?

  • 2 March 2022
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When I try to log in to the Tuesday app, it has to send a text to the T-Mobile number. That number is to my gateway for the Home Internet and doesn’t receive texts. Am I out of luck?

4 replies

You can receive texts on the newest black rectangular Arcadyan KVD21 gateway device 

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You could put the gateways SIM in a phone temporarily to receive the code, then put it back in the gateway. 

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All gateways have always been able to receive texts. 

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I also had problems accessing messages… using my Nokia gateway.  After scrolling through the list of previous messages, the most recent message seemed to be at the top of a non-scrollable list --- and non-viewable. 

I eventually used my phone to send a SMS message to the DUMMY-number of the gateway.  That new message seemed to cause the message-list to scroll-down --- exposing the one of interest.

{{{ I realize this is an OLD topic but perhaps this procedure may be helpful for others? }}}