New Service for Home Internet Users

  • 23 April 2024
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So from what I can see here and read elsewhere, this will help current customer that signed up the right proper way. It will then flag those guys that bought the Gateway at the local TMO stores and the reps faked the address to get the service for that customer. Now these users are not officially supported but now using the Tower due to fake locations. Overloading the system and legit customers affected. I say it's a great idea.

3 replies

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There’s a bit more to it … they actually have ‘new’ plans for home as well.

The ‘premium’ version (cost similar to Cable now) with and supporting mesh networks

and the traveler - supporting those that travel such as vacationers in RV’s.

The 2nd one is a bit pricey.  Effectively like obtaining 4 hotspots.



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The original article implies TMHI users could move their routers to new locations….but many on here have reported that the routers are locked to the cell towers at their home address.  The TMI app even shows what tower you are connected to.  So that would suggest the article is not accurate.

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There is a difference between ‘moving between locations’, and taking on the road.  T-Mobile’s original plan didn’t have an issue so-much if you ‘moved’ and contacted them (I.e.  I’m relocating), vs.  I’m using this at home, while on the road , summer vacation, RV’ing or just as a not-as portable hot-spot. 

TBH, the pricing is still less than the T-Mobile hot spot.  If you want a truly portable spot … use the hot spot.  If you want a vacation usable - switch plans for the summer, then switch back.