Scammed by T-mobile, now what?

  • 12 February 2024
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Tmobile said I was getting 800 on trade in and a free watch. So I gave them my Note 10 Plus along with 475 cash in exchange for an S23 Ultra and a supposedly free watch.

 I was told  the phone was paid in full and the watch was free and that they were switching my plan to 55+ to lower my bill.

Then the bill came and it had gone up by over 100 a month, they've been charging me monthly for the phone and for the watch since April of 2023 and say I owe them  over 750 for the phone.

Now I am not so dumb as to ever agree to trade my phone and also pay over 2500 for any new phone and I never wanted the watch that they are charging me 400 for and another 14 a month to connect it even tho I have never once used it.

I went to the BBB website and it says TMOBILE is not a BBB member

I have had zero luck with the aproximately 3 hrs a week for 10 months that I've spent talking to customer service then I find out they've been charging me 10 dollars for each of call. I've  been paying for all those wasted hours where they always make empty promises

I don't know what to do about this

Ive been a customer for nearly 20 years

Do I need a lawyer?

Is there a way to file some kind of official complaint?

Any advice would be appreciated

6 replies

T-Mobile has no integrity or intent to conduct honest business practices. I feel your pain and I don't have any useful advice but can let you know that your not the only person that T-Mobile has conducted completely unethical sales practices with.


T-Mobile can't legally allow anyone that I have not authorized, to make any changes to my account, but this is exactly what happened. T-Mobile allowed someone that was not approved to make any comment or contract changes to do so, then T-Mobile recorded these changes in my name as if I had either made the changes myself or I was present during these changes, which is completely false and fraudulent in nature.  

A phone was purchased and added to my bill that I had no part of and did not agree to,  yet T-Mobile insists that I am responsible for the bill, even after they said on three different occasions that I was not responsible and they would fix it. I received three separate credits on three separate attempts to get this resolved. The end result is that not only am I being charged for a phone that was never purchased by an authorized person on the account but later my data plan was increased (without the authorization or knowledge of anyone that can authorize these changes). It's a long story of failure upon failure by T-Mobile to follow their own procedures that they put in place to prevent unauthorized people and employees from making changes to an account without proper approval from a person that can authorize legal changes to a contract. But by not following these guidelines there is financial incentives for the employees who make commissions on fraudulent sales and fraudulent changes to contracts so T-Mobile corporate also has financial incentives to allow these types of unethical activities to continue but even worse to promote these activities and to do nothing to fix these issues when they occur.  They have actually told me that if my son, whom is not listed on the account as having any authority to do anything or for that matter is not listed as having any association with my phone plan other than his phone just happens to have a phone number that is paid for by me. I just got off the phone with a T-Mobile supervisor that told me that because my son's phone number is associated with my account that they were perfectly legal to sell him a phone and add it to my bill.... T-Mobile did not care that he is not listed anywhere as having any authority what so ever. And I am responsible for anything and everything that may or may not be done by someone that has NO AUTHORITY TO MAKE CONTRACT CHANGES IN MY NAME!  How is that for unethical and fraudulent. And T-Mobile will do nothing about it even though the charge is fraudulent.  Ohh did I mention my son went into the store knowing that he wasn't allowed to do anything other than buy the phone outright and that's exactly what the store told him. They said it was paid in full but made changes to my account without anyone's knowledge not even my son. He was told it was paid in full. Can you say commissions and financial incentives to commit fraud by employees that earn commissions and T-Mobile supports such activities.


I have no advice but if you find out anything I would be more than happy to join a class action suit, I just wanted it fixed as I was told it would be on three separate occasions until pressed and then was told it was a "fair business practice" and that the supervisor I spoke too "saw nothing wrong" but failed to answer if it happened to him if he thought it was "good business".

T-Mobile shell game at its finest 

This is how they treat a Retired Marine and a First Responder, don't think they won't do it to you


Theyve also bren turning off my home internet every month. It is supposed to be 30 a month but they chatge reconnect fees monthly and chsrge me to call them and waste 3 hrs to get it back on so ive been paying 90 a monthand yesterday they took money from my account mid month for no reason...theyve beem getting near 400 a month from me and all I have is a phone and weak internet. 

Ive been a customer since 2010... they dont care.

I also got scammed by Tmobile. A representative told me the there is a mega promotion and that I would able to be get 70% off a new phone. I agreed to the promotion after getting my phone I noticed that the only promotion I got was my trade in value. I called to get this resolved, the representative assured me that it's taken care of. I noticed again that I'm being charged full amount. I called again but this time they told me that there's no such thing as a mega promotion and that there's nothing they could do. I told them that I would like to return the phone and leave T-Mobile. They told me I can't do that. I also offered to pay full price for the phone just so I could leave but they said that I can't. This is a scam company you will have better luck buying a phone off Craigslist.


T Mobile continues to run their business illegally they banned me from calling because I barely get 2G or 3G speeds in 2024 

I’ve been owning cell phones since 1997

I know the difference 

its 2024 

and my service 10 years ago was faster than what I’m getting


I was also told that my hotspot would be throttled

TO 600 KBPS not UP TO!

I'm barely getting 50 KBPS! in 2024!!!

My phone can’t even play a song from YouTube 

Music on the very first day of my billing cycle without freezing. 
I'm getting at best 3G at all times 

they don’t just throttle my data. They block my phone from receiving data altogether. 
so I’m getting extremely limited data 

in connection quality and the amount I receive 

I’m being punished by T Mobile because they had to credit me $100 plus dollars for having almost zero service since I moved to Tampa 

now I practically don’t get service at all 

at any time in Tampa 

this has been the worst company ever 

I hate T Mobile 


when I first got service with T Mobile again 

a couple years back  

they added a ghost line to my service and used it to steal SIM cards and do SIM cards swaps  

I was paying for a line I didn’t 

know I had. Illegally 


t mobile is a criminal organization 

don’t speak highly of them and call them a business 

that’s just being too generous 


We all need to get together and press charges on T-mobile ever since we got it I have heard nothing but bad things about it. On my case i had sprint, loved the service and the price was really cheap. Then T-mobile bought them out. And its been an on going battle since. First week we noticed we had no service at all. So we call they say its the sim cards. So we change them. Still no service only partial voice. Then they say we need a hotspot to get data. So we buy the device. Still nothing. Then they say its the devices. So we switch devices wich made our bill go up like 200$. Still nothing. So now were locked in for 2 yrs. We call withing a couple days to return the devices and cancel. Since we had no coverage. They send us a 4000 dollar estimate to cancel. We traded our devices in and the phones were suppose to be free for upgrading. We didnt have 4000 cash and seemed stupid to me to pay. For phones that i was never going to use. So we call again. They send us new sim cards. Call again told us tower will be going up in our area within a month. Call again told us we need a landline and wifi from a local provider. So after 2 years of nonsense with them and paying our monthly bill for service thats only partial we get a letter saying there canceling our service because we violated there terms. Too much roaming in my own house. So we pay off the remaining balance on the devices. Try to switch to verizon and now there refusing to unlock our devices. And keep asking wat can be done for us to stay. They are by far the biggest scammers and thief's in the mobile cell phone sector

This is what my service bars look like while sitting in my couch. No service whatsoever. Have to rely on our homes wife