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  • 6 November 2023
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Now you want access to my bank account for me to continue to receive my auto pay discount. So if my (and the rest of us on auto pay) information is compromised the thief can drain my bank account? This seems like a huge disservice to me and all of your loyal customers. This is purely a money grab my T-Mobile. They want to save the credit card fees by screwing those of us that dropped our old carriers because T-Mobile was a “different” company. Now your plans are slowly changing to closely match the other big “screwed up” combines and now the cost is about the same so why stay with T-Mobile? Yes your map shows more pink but to be honest the phone my company provides is one of the other big carriers and T-marble works better in some areas and the other guys work better in some areas. Its really a toss up. When I call T-Mobile I used to get a local rep that was very helpful now I get the same “out of country” rep that can barley speak English and I have to repeat myself over & over and they are still not understanding me and its very frustrating.  So, what is the advantage for being a T-Mobile customer? Sorry TM, you've lost your edge!!!

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