Go5gplus reverts to One Plan promo when trying to upgrade

  • 25 September 2023
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I moved to the Go5GPlus plan / active as of a week ago (per web and phone apps). I received the first bill 4 days ago, again showing I’m on Go5Gplus. I was able to activate the included AppleTV+.

The issue is when I go to upgrade my phones, I choose a new phone, and for first few screens I’m told I’ll get ‘Up to $1000’ tradein….when I choose my actual phone, it states $830 trade in and monthly payment reflects this.

After declining accessories and insurance, the TMobile system moves to the final screen before purchase and the screen switches to say since I’m on the One Plan, the system switches me to the One Plan Promo and says I only qualify for $300 off total.

The One Plan was my previous plan, I’m on the Go5GPlus plan now.

On the web, my active add-ons show the Go5GPlus ones.

One the phone app (after clearing cache, removing and reinstalling the app, my first line now shows 13 active add-ons including a bunch from the One Plan. If I try to manage add-ons, I only see the Go5gPlus or additional options (like add paramount plus). 

I have 4 lines total and all of them list (on the phone app), multiple One Plan add-ons.

I’ve tried purchasing on all 4 of the lines and the same issue happens,

I’ve called 611, tried tmobile twitter and called the support line, no one can figure out what it happening, I’m promised calls back and get nothing.

Any suggestions? Based on what the tmobile phone app is showing, I think my old plan is still active in terms of add-ons and they need to be removed, however I can’t do that in any of the tools?

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1 reply

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IIRC. You may have to wait until your bill circulates thru the system for your new plan to take effect. A week may not have been enough time for the change to be registered in the system.